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Webhosting For WordPress

WordPress is one, if not the most popular blogging platform out there. Many people love it for its easy to use and easy to set up implementation. A lot of businesses use WordPress for their company sites, simply because it offers built in functionality via the use of plugins. You can find a plugin, free or paid, for almost anything that you would like to accomplish with WordPress. If you can find great webhosting for WordPress, you can have any type of site that you want, which is a great asset to your business.

So what happens when your site becomes really popular and you start getting a lot of traffic from it? You can run into a lot of problems, such as database errors, overloading the servers, you might have too many users logged on at one time, and much more. There can be a lot f headaches associated with wehosting for WordPress site. Let’s face it, not many people know how to troubleshoot problems with WordPress. You have to be on top of security, because if you don’t know what you’re doing it is easy to get hacked.

Another major issue with hosting a WordPress site is speed. Google pagerank takes into account the speed of your site, so if your site runs slow with your hosting company, you may not rank as high on Google as you should. You can solve a lot of these problems by hosting your WordPress site on fast, reliable servers. You could go the route of using caching plugins and configuring them, but if you’ve ever had one break, we all know it can be a real headache.

So Who Offers Great Webhosting for WordPress?

Webhosting for WordPress

I would recommend WP Engine. They offer great technical support, and they have systems that are optimized for handling WordPress. Their system also scales with your site, so as your site grows, so does your plan. This ensures that you are only paying for what you use. By the time you need to upgrade, you should be making more than enough money to pay for hosting.

WP Engine also boasts that if you are hacked, they will fix it for free! That alone is worth its weight in gold. They also have one-click back up and restore options, so you will always have a safe and secure site.

To go the extra mile, they also have recommended plugins and themes, so you won’t have to spend hours trying and testing out themes and plugins. You can literally jump in and get started. On the other hand, if you are a developer, WP Engine also has tools and services to help you develop your own WordPress solutions.

If you are moving from another hosting company, they will also handle the transfer of your site. This is excellent, because it will save you the hassle and headaches of fooling with all of the different settings and precautions that you would have to take if you were handling this on your own.

Established Companies Use WP Engine As Their Webhosting For WordPress

WP Engine is used by companies such as Foursquare, Bonaroo, Williams Sonoma, Sound Cloud, HTC, balsamiq, and more. Check ourt their sites and see how fast and reliable they are, and you’ll see why WP Engine has become so popular for webhosting for WordPress.

Happy Customers Speak for Themselves

Here is what some have to say about WP Engine:

“WP Engine has been amazing — all of my sites’ page load speeds increased by at least 42%. Support even during my trial period was impressive and personal. It gives me great comfort to know that what I now offer to my clients are backed by rock-solid technologies.”– Jann Krynauw

I have the peace of mind that comes from having an entire team on my side. These days, if something goes awry with a clients’ site, I simply open a ticket, and the excellent support team at WP Engine handles it… usually within minutes.”– Shawn Hesketh

The Best Webhosting For WordPress. Period

With so many happy customers, WP Engine is definitely considered to be superior webhosting for WordPress. If you are looking for fast, secure webhosting that won’t break the bank, WP Engine can help you to have a fast, secure WordPress site. You’ll be able to focus on your visitors and deliver great content instead of wasting you time tinkering with your site because it is broken, or it has been hacked, or it is running slow. That alone is why I consider WP Engine to be the best webhosting for WordPress.