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Adobe Launches Lightroom 3

by | Jun 9, 2010 | Articles, Reviews | 0 comments

Professional photographers and image editors alike will rejoice in knowing that Adobe has released Lightroom 3. Lightroom 3 has been given a lot of new enhancements to make cataloging your images much easier. Not only can you make quality adjustments to your images, this new release makes sharing your images easier as well. It has integrated publishing capabilities using Flickr and has beefed up its slideshow settings to enable you to share your images on your own web site. For those of you that do your own printing, or that like to print proofs, they have also integrated custom printing templates, so that you can view your images printed out in different formats.

For the actual image editing aspect of the program, Adobe has enhanced the noise reduction, vinnette, and lens correction features. The noise reduction looks absolutely amazing. Their sample photo with and without noise is jaw-dropping. It apparently handles the luminance and the color separately, which helps you to concentrate on the problem areas in a concentrated manner.

Lightroom 3 looks like it is well worth the pride of upgrading, if not simply for the amazing noise reduction. I process a lot of images, and Lightroom 3 is the going to be my new go to program for processing all of my product shots. You can easily make most of your shots look their best, and when coupled with Photoshop CS5, you have a virtual dream team of image editing.

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