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Amazing Travel Infographics

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Articles, Design, Inspiration | 0 comments

Travel Infographics

Do you love to travel? Of course you do, who doesn’t? The thrill of a new place, people you have never met, adventures on the horizon…just thinking about it is enough to get the heart pumping. But wanderlust doesn’t start on the plane, it begins with the planning. Luckily, the internet is full of inspiration to get you thinking of the next big trip. These amazing travel infographics are both attractive and highly informative. They will certainly help you as you get ready to traverse the globe.

7 Reasons To Spend Your Summer In Las Vegas

travel infographics: 7 Reasons To Spend Your Summer In Las Vegas

Of all the US cities, Las Vegas is one of the most notorious. It immediately brings to mind images of Elvis impersonators, showgirls and impromptu marriages. But this graphic wants to show you some of the other reasons to visit the area, especially in the summer. Everything is very glamorous and high class, so if you are looking for a luxury vacation, let this graphic tell you why Vegas is the place to be.

Road Trip Checklist

travel infographics: Road Trip Checklist

Want to avoid the airports? There is no reason you can’t hit the open road like so many have chosen to in the past. Sometimes a road trip can be even more of an adventure than a trip around the world. But you want to be properly prepared for anything, which is what this infographic is all about. It provides a checklist of items to bring, concerns that insurance agents tend to have for their clients when they take off to another place, and ways to avoid problems along the way.

50 Insane Facts About Canada

travel infographics: 50 Insane Facts About Canada

I don’t know how “insane” these facts really are, but they are definitely interesting. Find out about the culture, different regions, laws and etiquette and a lot of fascinating tidbits you probably never knew about the world up north. For example, did you know they have an annual aquatic bathtub race in Nanaimo?

The World Drawn With Airports/Runways

travel infographics: The World Drawn With Airports/Runways

Visual representations of data can be so stunning at times. This was a graphic made using public information from It paints a picture of the world shown entirely in airports and runways, both large and small. Very beautiful, and an image to inspire any traveler, whether experienced or just beginning. It is like seeing how connected our world really is now.

Home Away From Home Travel Kit

travel infographics: Home Away From Home Travel Kit

I think everyone who travels on a regular basis has a “home kit” they take along with them. The items it contains will always be different depending on who you ask, but always with the same goal in mind: to make you comfortable no matter where you are. This graphic is a great example of what kind of items might be contained in a home kit, obviously from the perspective of an Australian traveler. It even has a couple of statistics.

Busting The Biggest Travel Myths

travel infographics: Busting The Biggest Travel Myths

Guess what? Americans are considered in the top ten best tourists according to hotel managers the world over. Airlines no longer have to compensate you for delayed flights. Cruises do have items on board that you can buy. These are all the truth behind urban travel myths, and there are plenty more you should check out before you go anywhere. This graphic has them conveniently bundled together for you.

Hiking The Beautiful US

travel infographics: Hiking The Beautiful US

The US has a lot of scenic trails that have become well known to hikers the world over. If you want a good guide for both the beginner and experienced hiker on locations throughout the country to visit, this is the perfect way to get it. From the 220 mile trek in New England to the 4,600 mile trail in North Country, you can find something beautiful to occupy your time.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Singapore

travel infographics: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Singapore

One of the most fascinating and excellent places in the world to visit has to be Singapore. I have never met a single traveler who has been there that didn’t fall in love with it the moment they stepped off the plane. This infographic tells you ten things you probably didn’t know about it.

How To Be A Happy Camper

travel infographics: How To Be A Happy Camper

This one isn’t really about travel, but it has a lot of information that is helpful to anyone who is planning on moving to another place in the world. It could also help people for a trip to see the statistics on the price of spending time there. More than that, it gives you some solid advice on being a “happy camper”, or just a pleasant and positive person in general.

Bucket List: New Zealand

travel infographics: Bucket List: New Zealand

Is New Zealand on your bucket list? It should be, and this graphic is going to tell you why. All while helping you to plan an incredible, action packed trip that you will never forget. Want to do something crazy like skydiving? Or maybe you would prefer a luxurious couple of weeks touring vineyards, drinking wine and eating olives. Perhaps you have always wanted to fly a fighter jet. New Zealand has you covered.

By Annie Wallace

Annie is the creativity writer for Dobovo, based in Ukraine. Annie loves traveling around the world while still working from your laptop.

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