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Awesome Photoshop Plugin: NKS5 Essential Media Toolkit

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Articles, Photoshop | 1 comment

NKS5 Essential Media Toolkit

I always look for cool stuff to share with my readers, because I think with a little help and a little effort, our work days can be easier, with less hassle. I’ve shared a few useful free Photoshop plugins the last few weeks. This week, I came across the NKS5 Essential Media Toolkit by NKurence. It is a suite of tools that can help you a lot with effects and production. Let’s take a look at the NKS5 Essential Media Toolkit and all of its awesome features.

NKS5 Essential Media Toolkit

When you install this free Photoshop plugin, the panel shown above is what you’ll see in Photoshop’s interface. This set of tools is a collection of different presets with realistic effects for your work. You can instantly create different types of paper textures, such as notebook paper, sketch paper, or even graph paper.

The next set of tools are drawing tools, which replicate lead ink and brush presets for your artwork. After that, there’s a large collection of brushes and traditional media, like charcoal, pastel and everyone’s favorite, water color!

Texturing is what makes your work look more realistic. Not every surface is clean and crisp. Most of them have dirt, dust, texture and grit applied to them. This set of tools enables you to paint and brush in those effects.

On top of all of that, there are tools for gradients, vignettes, film grain and more. There are also tools for working with your documents overall. You can create guides, such as rows and columns.


The NKS5 Essential Media Toolkit is crammed full of useful tools for working with images and graphics. If you paint, draw, or create artwork with Photoshop, having a panel like this one at your fingertips will only make you more productive. You can focus more on creating and less on fiddling with the right presets.

Download the NKS5 Essential Media Toolkit

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