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ipad app review

Creative color splash from tablet computer display

The iPad is becoming one of the most effective tools for all types of artists. The high-definition displays, touchscreens, Internet accessibility, image capturing abilities and built-in applications help artists try new techniques and be creative in different ways. New apps are coming out for the iPad to assist a number of creative-roles, including designers, illustrators, painters, photographers, videographers and architects. Here are some of the best apps to spark your inspiration and lend you the tools to create your next masterpiece.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Refine and transform your photos with the tablet version of Adobe Photoshop. The interface is simpler than the desktop version, but boasts many of the same integral capabilities. Layers, selection tools, adjustments and filters are all available to help you edit your high-resolution photos and images. The cost of the app is significantly less than the desktop software, running at $9.99.


Camera+ allows you to improve the capabilities of your built-in camera app. When you are capturing a photo, this app enables you to separate touch points for your focus and exposure. It has various shooting modes, including a timer and a burst mode, which captures a stream of action shots. Additionally, this app offers different types of effects, such as FX, brushing and layering. It also features editing tools, such as rotating, straightening, white balance, sharpening and blurring and red eye.


Loop allows you to capture and create hand-drawn animations, and then share them on Tumblr or via email. It comes with a few animation tools such as expressive pen widths, the ability to trace over video frames and onion skinning. It’s a great device for creating and sharing short, promotional loops to showcase your work.

Autodesk FormIt

Autodesk FormIt is a 3-D design app that supports a Building Information Modeling (BIM) experience workflow, which helps you establish building design concepts from the earliest of stages. It can create forms from a gallery of shapes, and it lets you manipulate forms and models and explore the lighting with the shadow study tool. This app supports RVT and SAT file formats. Furthermore, there is a specific Autodesk 360 cloud that lets you store and share your creations.


If you’re in graphic or editorial design, this app enables you to obtain a comprehensive collection of design-driven fonts. FontBook has over 35,000 fonts and is constantly updated through real-time, over-the-air data updates. You can search and sort the vast library of type fonts by class, foundry, designer, year, font families, use-case, genre, stylistic period, similarity and popularity.


The FlowVella app gives you the ability to create portfolio presentations and slideshows in a professional, clean and polished way. You can select from a variety of well-designed templates, and then choose and scale any images, videos or text you want to include. The app presentation format allows you to include links, navigation or a table of contents to make your portfolio more interactive and less like a photo album.