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How to Build Your Brand on Instagram

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Articles, Branding, Social Media | 0 comments

Your Brand on Instagram

While most companies already have an Instagram account, they are not using it properly and are not getting the most out of their marketing strategies.  Instagram started off as a simple app for smart phone that enabled users to easily upload, save and share photos on the internet.  Today, it has blown up and is now one of the top social media sites on the internet.  There is such a huge marketing potential for businesses and if you own a business and are not using this site to its full potential then below are some ways to build your brand on Instagram to have more success.


Before and After Photos Work Wonders

One of the best ways to use Instagram is to show before and after photos to illustrate what your company can do for others.  For instance, a beauty salon owner can show before pictures of their customers and then after pictures of how they changed after a makeover.  Car detailers or painters can show a collision and then show how they made the car look like new through their efforts.  Restaurateurs can show ingredients as the before and the meal that is served from the ingredients as the after photo. This gives customers a great look at the quality of the work and service that is offered to the customers of the business.  You can get creative and come up with great ways to show before and after photos of what your company will offer to their customers.

The Environment of the Picture

While you do want to show your employees at work and your products being used in unique ways, the environment of the photo is just as important.  You want to offer your followers interesting pictures that they want to share with their followers and friends too.  Take a look at your surroundings and then use these unique settings to display your products.  Some of the best pictures are taken when Mother Nature is not cooperating so don’t think that just because there are gray clouds or snow on the ground that you cannot get a great photo.  Just don’t do the same old white box effect when you are taking pictures of your products because this is a boring method and has been played out long ago!

Energize a New Product Line

If you are planning on launching a new product line, you should do this by energizing it before the launch date on social media sites.  While marketing is important on Instagram, gaining new followers should also be one of your top priorities.  If you do not have followers then you are marketing to no one and the potential of growing your brand is smaller.  You can give your current followers a sneak peak of your new product line and ask them to share these pictures with their followers. Encourage social sharing by giving your existing Instagram followers something in return for promoting your business.  This can help you gain more Instagram followers through your existing network, as their followers may start following you to be one of the first to know the new products you are offering.  This can domino your marketing promotions into a great strategy for not only generating interest in your product, but your overall brand on Instagram.

Building your brand on Instagram is easy if you simply take the time to get as many followers through contests and strong marketing strategies. Research what type of marketing strategies work best for your particular industry to maximize your marketing on Instagram.

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