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Create an Inlaid Text Effect in Photoshop.

by | Mar 30, 2010 | Photoshop, Tutorials | 0 comments

Create a new layer and fill it with a color. I chose a rich orange. Then, find a nice textured photo, and size it to fit your document. Desaturate that layer and set the blend mode to overlay.

Then, grab your text too and choose a nice bold typeface. I chose Helvetica Black. Type your text and center it. Then, go to Filter> Render> Lighting Effects. Choose soft spotlight, then bump shiny and metallic all the way up. Choose a Cyan like color for your color and click ok. This makes the surface took metallic and shiny.

Double click the text layer and go to Bevel and emboss and choose pillow emboss, chisel hard, and raise the depth to around 500%. Set the size to 1px and the direction to up. Click ok and you get the inlaid effect.

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