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Make Hi-res Custom Brushes in Photoshop

by | Mar 29, 2010 | Articles, Photoshop, Tutorials | 0 comments

Make Hi-res Custom Brushes in Photoshop

We are going to use a shape to create a custom brush. You can take a shape you have made in Illustrator, or you can use a custom shape in Photoshop, or you can paint your own with other brushes in Photoshop.

First, create a new document, and set it to roughly the size that you want your new brush to be. I went to the custom shapes section and took this flourette shape. Make sure that the color is black for your brush. Everything white is disregarded when making it a new brush. Everything black, however, is what will make up the brush’s shape.

Then, make a selection around your shape with the marquee tool, and go to Edit>Define Brush Preset. Name your brush something unique that tells you what it is, and click ok.

Discard the shape layer because you no longer need it, then create a new layer by hitting command, shift and N at the same time or CTRL, shift and N on the PC. hen, grab your brush tool. Then select the custom brush selection at the top, and choose the one that you just made. It should be the one at the very bottom. You can also bring up the brush options to change the dynamics of the brush, such as the angle jitter, which will randomly rotate the brush shape as you go along. You can also adjust the scattering, and the spacing as well, to space out your brush and give it a more random look.

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