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Design a Quiz for Your Website to Build Traffic

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Articles, Web Design | 0 comments

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Design a Quiz

Online quizzes are a great way to drive traffic and provide interesting, interactive content for your website’s visitors. A simple and well-designed quiz can offer huge returns in terms of website traffic, too. For example, Interact reports that a “Which Cake Are You?” quiz created and shared byFood52 was taken by 20,000 people in just two days, and it cost nearly nothing from its marketing budget. Creating a great quiz that is highly shareable is an art, so here is a look at some key things to keep in mind.

Make It Catchy

A quiz won’t generate traffic to your website if it doesn’t catch people’s attention. The first interaction with a quiz is its title, so make sure it appeals directly to the demographic you are trying to reach. Quiz takers should also know what to expect from the quiz. For example, “Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?” speaks to a young, geeky and pop culture-savvy audience, and it is more appealing than “Game of Thrones Quiz.”

Presenting a challenge in the title of your quiz can also grab attention and get people motivated to click through it. For instance, “How Much Do You Really Know About Coffee?” challenges your demographic to take the quiz and share the results with their friends.

Upworthy has mastered the art of a catchy title and recognizes how important it is to grab readers’ attention. Kissmetrics reports that the editors of Upworthy require 25 submissions from writers for the title of their article, and that one Upworthy post about monkeys had a traffic increase by 5,900 percent just because of a title change. This goes to show just how seriously you should take titles.

T Mobile Online Quiz

Inject Life and Humor

Online quizzes are meant to be a fun diversion, so it’s important that you make the language and question style of your quiz fun and accessible. Give the questions and answers a little personality to keep readers engaged. For example, T-Mobile’s holiday quiz is upbeat, short and humorous. An online quiz is meant to be a quick way to express yourself, so don’t let your quiz become too long or detailed.

On the same note, the results of your quiz should always be positive. If you create a qualitative quiz, such as what kind of dog you are, make sure every possible outcome is upbeat. If you are creating a quantitative quiz, such as the aforementioned “How Much Do You Really Know About Coffee?” example, make sure even the lowest scores are presented in a fun manner. And, of course, encourage your audience to share the results.

Take Advantage of the Back-end Data

Quizzes can do more than just entertain your website’s visitors and generate ad views for you. Many quizzes require a login from a social media site or email address if readers want to see their results, which helps you build a database of leads and demographics. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch that all-important data for your marketing team, but don’t be forceful, either. Make sure it only takes one click for a reader to give you that information.

In the same regard, if your quiz goes viral, you get more hits and more data, so make it easy to share. Have a simple button that lets users share their results instantly and invite others to take the test. This is standard in the world of online quizzes, so make sure you don’t forget when creating yours.

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