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Turning a Hobby Website into a Business Website

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Articles, Web Design | 0 comments

Turn Your Hobby into a Business Website

Owning a website can be a fun way to produce content on the internet. Many people have some sort of website that they own as a hobby. However, more people than ever before are looking to their hobby website for a new income stream. It can be difficult to convert your website from one that is used for fun to one that produces income as a business website. However, the good news is that there is plenty of information online for how to do so. Here are several different tips in turn your hobby website into a business website that can make money over time.

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Web Traffic

There are several ways to make money with a website. One of the most common is to simply get a lot of web traffic and get paid by advertisers. There are things like Google Ads that will pay a website owner based on the number of clicks an ad will get. Although this sounds like a great business model, it takes a lot of web traffic to make any real money here. It is vital to use tools like Google Analytics to figure out where you web traffic is coming from in the first place. This tool can tell you what a visitor searched before ending up at your website. Instead of thinking of web traffic as a source of income through clicks, think of that traffic as paying customers for products. Here are some ways to convert web traffic to paying customers.


Internet Commerce

There are a ton of websites that sell products to customers. This is easier than ever before with eCommerce plugins that are available through many website building tools. Targeted web traffic should be coming to your website and it is your job to get people to purchase a product or service that fits their needs. One of the best ways to have a nice customer list is to get people to sign up for an email listing when they visit the site. Over the long term, a solid email list can go a long way in selling quality products. Use website visitor statistics on how to frame your email list sign up.

Keyword Search

Keyword Research

Another important aspect of driving traffic to your site is conducting keyword research. This research can tell you what the most popular keywords are in your area. You can then model your articles or content after what people are searching. In addition, producing content with strong keywords and other SEO can make a huge difference in your website ranking. The higher your website ranking, the more organic traffic you will have over the long term. Website visitors statistics can really help to develop keywords to use.

Web Design

Choosing a web design company to work with is another major decision in this project. There are plenty of cheap web design products on the internet today. However, a website should really be viewed more as an investment over the long term than anything else. It is critical that you absolutely design a mobile friendly website for your customers to use. More web traffic than ever before goes through the mobile medium, and having a website that allows you to tap into this is vital to having success over the long term.

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