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Landing pages prepare websites to impress their visitors so that they can convert. The simple math here is: the better the landing page, quicker will be the number of subscriptions and clientele.  Building a proper landing page for your business website is the most basic, yet the most important step. A Landing page is the pretty much the face of your website.

Using WordPress to create a landing page

Landing pages are the ones that primarily drive in all the subscription and revenue. Your site’s marketing campaigns take off through your landing page. People judge your operations by weighing how solid your site’s landing page is. So, you would not like your potential customers to shrug at the site of your landing page and abandon your site.

Being so impactful, Landing pages definitely deserve some hard work and focus. With WordPress being such a wonderful CMS, one should take this up as an assisted opportunity to create a perfect landing page for their website.

In this blog post, we will put forward ways and means to help you build a perfect landing page with WordPress. Also, it is obvious to wonder why we are talking about creating landing pages through WordPress. Don’t worry; we have all your answers. Let’s read on.

WordPress landing pages

Why use WordPress for creating a Landing page?

WordPress offers everything that one might require while creating a landing page; themes, plugins, builders, extensions etc. It powers 4.5% of the entire internet. Landing pages made in WordPress are professional looking and the CMS also helps you easily flow through the whole process, even if you are from a non-technical background. Amazing templates are available for designing inspiration. With support for Search Engine Optimization, your landing page is well supported. Now, that you have your answers, let’s begin learning how to create a perfect landing page with WordPress CMS.

The way forward

Here is the most basic way to get started and build a Landing page with WordPress. Visit your website’s admin dashboard. Go to the label, ‘Pages’. Go to Page Attributes> Template> choose One column, no sidebar.

Once you are done with this, you can add content the way you like. Make sure that you add the following:

  • Add an impactful heading so that the viewers receive a strong message about your work. An awesome sub-heading must follow.
  • A high quality image that stays relevant to the content matter of the landing page must be put up.
  • A message in a post where you must explain about your service to the site visitors, in detail.
  • You must rightly place the conversion tools on your landing page so that visitors, who want to subscribe or connect, can easily do so. Also, it should be put forward in such a way that users who are not sure of going for your service/product feel tempted.
  • Call-To-Action buttons and opt-in forms must be placed clearly and without any distraction.

WordPress Methods & Tools available

Now, there are several ways through which you can utilize the platform of WordPress to create an awesome landing page for your website.


  • WordPress Plugins


Many plugins are available in the WordPress repository to help people create the best landing pages. If you are not an expert at coding, these plugins will help you provide desired functionalities and features to your landing page. Many free and premium plugins are available to help you convert leads into subscribers and successfully conclude your marketing campaign.

Recommended: WordPress Landing Pages plugin is a free plugin. You can check out some of the best landing page plugins here.


  • WordPress Themes


If you are clean at web development, this method is best suited to your needs. Many WordPress themes let you use their templates to create a landing page of your choice. These points of sale pages on your website can be imparted the right look and feel after a little experimentation with the content of an already existing landing page WordPress theme.

Most of these themes are highly responsive and mobile-friendly as well. With several drag and drop features, these landing page themes will make your site’s landing page stunning.

Recommended: Leadx landing Page & Marketing WordPress Theme

You can checkout such landing page themes, here.


  • Using Manual page Template


If you know functional CSS, you can design your landing page without needing a lot of tools. With a little design inspiration, all you will need to do is select a theme of your choice, take up a favorite page template from it, edit its header.php file and add your custom styling.

Since you are aware of CSS and coding, we will assume that you know the procedure of creating a child theme. Then you will be required to create a blank page template and insert the content. Once you are done, you can save the changes and your desirable landing page will be ready.

Additional tips for great landing pages that convert

  • Make sure that you page loads up faster. To ensure this, you must choose a reliable web hosting service.
  • When it comes to following the latest landing page trend, always seek inspiration from the best industry players.
  • Your landing page content must be error-free and impactful.
  • Place testimonials and third party certifications to help visitors share a trust factor with your website.
  • Images and videos visually appeal the visitors. Play your best shot while choosing them for your landing page’s header.
  • Be classy in the approach to your landing page’s designing.
  • Keep your target audience in mind while crafting your landing page with WordPress.
  • Most importantly, remove distractions from your WordPress site’s landing page so that people are able to easily understand whatever you are trying to convey through your website.


If you are technically skilled, you can combine all the above methods to create a perfect landing page for your website. Serving you marketing qualms, these landing pages need some serious loving because this trend is still ruling the internet market.

With this blog post, we hope that your landing pages will be able to drive more conversions and traffic to your business websites. Also, the next time when you setup a blog or a new website, consider using the tips discussed here, for an amazing landing page.

Share with us your journey towards creating a perfect landing page. Tell us what WordPress elements you use for your landing pages, by dropping a comment below. We also look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions on this post.

Pawan Sahu is the founder of MarkupTrend. He is a Digital Marketer and a blogger geek passionate about writing articles related to WordPress, SEO, Marketing, Web Design, and CMS etc.