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Free Watercolor Mothers Day Backgrounds and Cards

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Articles | 1 comment

I’m no stranger to giving things away here on creative Beacon. That’s one excited about today, because I have an exclusive set of free watercolor Mother’s Day backgrounds and cards, provided by Freepik. This is a nice way to say thank you to your mother for all that she’s done for you. No parent can turn down something made specifically for them. Let’s take a look at the free watercolor Mother’s Day backgrounds and cards you can download in today’s free pack.

free watercolor mothers day backgrounds

Yes, it’s true you may have to get a little sentimental with the graphics that we are giving away. You’ll see all kinds of animals on these cards, which any mother would love. Most of these show a mother and child, which is a cute way to show the concept of the relationship between a mother and child. You’ll find graphics of bears, birds, cats, penguins and elephants. You also find decorative elements such as flowers and decorative elements to add that extra touch to your custom-made Mother’s Day card. It’ll remind your mom of all of the good times you had while growing up, and remind you of all of the times your mother took care of you.

This collection is free to download, and you can use all of the elements inside just as you choose. You can edit the graphics, change colors, or add any of these elements to existing designs of your own. This is definitely a creative way to show your appreciation for the person who raised you. These elements would also be great as an e-card, especially if you can’t make it home to give it to her in person.

To download these awesome watercolor Mother’s Day backgrounds and cards, click the link below. After entering your email address, these elements will be sent to you in your inbox shortly.

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