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Difference Between Art And Design

Not all art is design and not all design is art. You might be wondering what in the world I am talking about, but it is true. Many people consider them to be one and the same in both ways, but that just isn’t true. They are actually two different worlds, and it is super-important to understand the difference. This will help you to understand what is expected of you, depending on which avenue you explore.

Difference Between Art And Design

Similarities Between Art and Design

They Both Pay the Bills

It’s true, if you’re good. You can become an amazing designer and create branding, identity, logos and websites for clients. With design skills, you can create design work on a daily basis, giving you a steady stream on income.

You can pay the bills as an artists, too. you can do odd jobs, painting and illustrating for various businesses. If you become a great portrait painter, you could make a living painting portraits of wealthy people to hang up in their homes. You could paint murals on buildings for businesses to draw attention to their business, or you could paint murals on the inside to make a living that way.

 They Are Both Creative

Art and design are both creative. With art, you get to be more free and create whatever comes to mind. Things are more left up to your interpretation. With design, your creativity is being applied to create a unique logo, website, or experience for anyone viewing your work. You don’t get as much freedom as you do when just being an artist.

Where the differences begin

Art is about creativity and freedom. Design is about creativity and problem solving. it is up to you to solve the problem of your client with your design solutions. The first objective you will always have is to solve the problem creatively. very rarely will you have the opportunity to have creative freedom with a client’s project. Honestly, if you create a proper design brief, and ask your client the right questions, that shouldn’t happen at all.

Art Can be Accidental

You can take your brush and move it around the canvas and let it flow. Think of Expressionism and Impressionism. That’s not so much about creating realism, but about giving the impression of a scene. It may be literal and it may not be. You can throw paint on a canvas and say that it’s art. It’s your expression of feelings and emotions.

Design Is Never Accidental

At least not admittedly. Real design is never accidental. A great design is carefully planned from start to finish and meets the needs of the client. A truly great design masters both form and function. There’s one thing that separates art and design and is proof that design is never accidental. That one thing is purpose.

Design’s Purpose

Any design’s purpose is to solve a problem. This is the biggest difference between art and design. Here is an example: You are approached to redesign someone’s logo. One of the key questions you’ll probably ask is “What is it about your current logo that isn’t working?” If the business owner says something like “The Design is too masculine and the colors are, too.” Then you are solving the problem of creating a more friendly logo that isn’t gender biased. Your objective is to create a neutral logo that gives the company a warmer, more inviting identity.