Educational Institutions on the Web: The Best Design Nominees

The Internet reveals many secrets and a website usually tells a lot about its owner. Within this post, we will disclose websites of the educational institutions. The colleges and universities set high standards for applicants, but their websites should correspond to some sort of standards, too. I mean visual and technical requirements of the website design & development field:

  • Well-Thought Landing Page
  • Easy Navigation
  • Text and Media Balance
  • Stylish Typography
  • Effective Color Combo
  • Organized Layout
  • Clear Contact or Application Form
  • Forum or/and Blog
  • Responsive Design

These are basics, the optional features to use are: parallax/infinite scrolling, image/video background, etc.

The landing page is going to make the first impression on students, and it is irreversible. The front pages of the best education sites are media-based, varicolored, content-rich; they provide contact information and have top horizontal menu bars. Drop-down parts of the menu are accessible, as well as plain side bars. The navigation menu is usually created with one principle in mind: keep it maximum simple for users to find the way out of this page and browse another in a matter of seconds.

It goes without saying that designs with a multiple use of pictures and videos deserve more attention than outdated themes. The technique of embedding videos and decorating website with large professional photos is perfect for keeping users’ focused on a message and don’t let them feel bored. Modern generation avoids reading and it explains this tendency of using multimedia on the web. People prefer to scan and catch the vitals instead of reading each text line no matter how long or interesting it is.

Let it be regular or non-standard, single- or multi-column layout, but it is better not to be messed. Everything should have its own position on the webpage in order to turn a website into a neat, perceptible, user-friendly and eye-catching theme.

Websites with responsive design do fantastic job, because this is one of the top features for almost any kind of site. It is true that people tend to use tablets and phones more than computers. Therefore, a website makes interest for site guests if it is available on any device. It is great when students have an access to the college news, entertainment sections, and upcoming events from their smart phones. The websites created years ago are making themselves responsive now. It is praiseworthy. Though there is a good alternative to the total redesign: building another site especially for gadgets, i.e. mobile version of the site.

Examples of the best education website designs taken from all over the Web:

Bowdoin College

Bowdoin-College: Examples of Great Educational Web Design

Williams College

Williams-College: Examples of Great Educational Web Design

Cornell University

Cornell-University: Examples of Great Educational Web Design

Columbia University Club

Columbia-University-Club: Examples of Great Educational Web Design

Win Shape Foundation

Win-Shape-Foundation: Examples of Great Educational Web Design

Michigan School of Professional Psychology


Harvard University


Stanford University


The University of Chicago


Dartmouth University


Middlebury College


Haverford College


University of Melbourne


University of Bristol


University College London


High School


If you have any good designs to share, I am waiting to see them. Also, I’d love to hear what do you think about the current themes? It would be a pleasure to know if they give you inspiration for your new project. Please, feel free to leave your comment in the section below.

Julia Blake is an author of many articles related to web design. Currently, she works with MotoCMS, a progressive website builder and templates provider.