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Enter to Win a Free 1TB Portable Western Digital Hard Drive

by | Apr 15, 2014 | Articles, Design, Freelancing, Web Design | 2 comments

win a 1TB portable western digital hard drive

Enter For a Chance to Win a Free 1TB Hard Drive

It’s super important to back up your design work. You don’t want to miss a deadline due to data loss. it’s super-easy to back up your work, and most operating systems can be set up to back up your hard drive automatically. Personally, I am a Mac user, and I use Time Machine to back up my hard drive once per day. This makes it easy to go back and retrieve, or restore something if something goes wrong.

Here is a true story: I once was sitting there working late at night like I usually do. All of a sudden, my computer started to act strange, and all I could see was the spinning “wait” icon. I ended up having to shut the computer down, but it would never boot back up again. Taking it to the Apple Store, I found out that the hard drive needed to be replaced. It was under warranty, so they replaced it, and I had my Macbook Pro back within a an hour or two.

Normally, if you didn’t have a backup, you’d have to reinstall everything and start from scratch. However, with a Time Machine backup, all I had to do was install the backup from Time Machine, and my laptop was restored like nothing ever happened. I was only down for a total of a couple of hours, not a day or two.

Today’s giveaway is for a chance to win a free 1TB hard drive from Western Digital. Their hard drives are super-reliable, and they’re fast, too! With USB 3.0, you can back up your data fast, and with the compact design, you can take it anywhere.

The Rules:

Enter for a chance to win a free 1TB Western Digital Portable Hard Drive. You must live within the continental United States. You must enter your email adress, and you ca gain bonus entries by Retweeting this contest on Twitter, or Liking Creative Beacon on Facebook. If you are already a subscriber, you are automatically entered to win! You can still gain bonus entries via Twitter and Facebook, though. The contest will run from 04/15/2014 to 05/14/2014 at 11:59PM. You can enter to win below:

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