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Five Outside-the-Box Ways To Create An Infographic

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Articles, Design | 1 comment

Ways To Create An Infographic

In the world today, there are so many different ways to communicate an idea. There are posts and pictures on social media sites, abundant amounts of commercials and advertisements coming from T.V’s in our homes, mass messages on billboards and of course actually talking to someone, just to list a few.

Create an infographic

Communicating an idea has become even more important because of all the platforms we now have available. Companies and all types of organizations are working even harder to have the best representation. One of the ways to do this is using an infographic.  An infographic is an illustration that may use a chart or diagram to represent some information or data in a quick, easy-to-read, and visually appealing way.  Since the main point of an infographic is to be creative here are five outside-the-box ways to create a unique infographic .

Alternative Routes to Get your Infographic

1) Craigslist

Going online to buy a used table is fairly common, but what about for design purposes? If you have an idea you want created, hiring someone from Craigslist is a great option.  There are a number of services that Craigslist offers and finding an individual who is a talented cartoonist or comic strip artist to put their special touch on what you want, will give your infographic an edge on the competition.

2) Amateur Graffiti Artist

Some people may not find graffiti to be a respectable form of art, but it is definitely eye-catching. Talented graffiti artists can bring elements and artistic culture to an infographic that’s new and unique.  Ask teachers at after school clubs to find out if there are any graffiti culprits at the school.  Look around at local art shops to see if anyone is able or knows someone who does graffiti. Using a graffiti design is a way you can target a more youthful audience. Hiring an amateur is also a cheap way to get your infographic done and you can use unconventional mediums like abandoned building exteriors or bridges to get your infographic seen.

3)  Friends from social media sites

Most people that have a Facebook or Twitter have a couple of “friends” or followers that they don’t even know. Take advantage of this pool of people and ask if they know of anybody that is good with design or has some sort of artistic skill. Talking about what you want for the design of your infographic in a casual way, leaves your ideas slightly open to interpretation. This can help with creating new elements you can implement and feedback from a person who could help improve the design you already had in mind.

4) Freelance websites

An excellent way to get a creative infographic is to check out freelance websites. You can draw inspiration you can implement, or pay hourly for them to create one for you with the different ideas they already have.  There are a lot of websites that specialize in infographics and can take the ideas you have and make them real.

5) Police Sketch Artists

A lot of times police stations may use sketch artists to talk with victims to see if they can come up with a sketch of a possible suspect. These artists are great at listening to a description, and putting that accurately on paper. This concept can also be used for creating infographics. You can tell them exactly what you want and they can come up with an image for you to use. Ask local police stations if they already have somebody on the team you may be able to use.

Victoria Cairo, is a content developement intern for Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design company. Victoria enjoys creative marketing techniques to capture people’s interests.

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