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Best Website Builders For Designers And Developers

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

Website Builders

Beyond free, pre-designed templates, drag-and-drop/WYSIWYG editors, easy publishing and maintenance, modern website builders also offer great business opportunities for web designers and developers. So, if you earn a living by helping people to create, publish and maintain their websites, you’re bound to look through the most enticing business-related opportunities the most popular site builders can give to you. Choosing one of them as a primary tool for making websites for your clients will significantly speed up the whole process and thus help you complete more projects faster and in a professional manner.


Wix website builder will help you gain new customers in a split second. By joining the Wix Arena you’ll be able to expose your portfolio to the audience of millions (Wix Arena is the service’s directory for professional web designers. Another great option is joining their Reseller Program. With this program you’ll able to make money on premium websites you create using Wix. You will get revenue from your clients and also from the web service (the Reseller’s commission).


uCoz is another site constructor allowing you to earn from your creative skills. There’s a special offer for web designers: you can create your own template and upload it to their official Templates Store. The more users purchase your template – the more money you get. So, it makes sense to create something stunning and eye-catching for your potential customers :). Another way to get extra income with uCoz is to create custom templates for its users (the system is very flexible and allows installing virtually any third-party template).


IMCreator also offers a very beneficial terms of cooperation for professional web designers. Firstly, you can submit your unique design to their continually growing catalog of templates and get a monthly commission each time when someone uses your product. Secondly, you can make money from building your clients’ websites using this site constructor. This will definitely help you save some cash and time, since there will be no need to hire a contractor in order to get your design converted into HTML – IMCreator will do this for you free. Furthermore, your clients will be able to upload and edit their content using the same code-free tools. Find more about this project on their Designers Page.


MotoCMS can also significantly simplify the workflow. Instead of designing your clients’ projects each time from scratch you can use their ready templates. Actually, their templates are almost ready websites. All you need is to replace the default pictures, activate/deactivate required widgets and show the end result to your client. The good news is that MotoCMS allows you to save up to 50% with bulk purchases. The more templates you buy – the less you pay per item. So, if you’re a busy designer, this website builder can be a real lifesaver for you.

To Wrap It Up

Initially, website builders were developed exclusively for the novice wishing to build their own websites: they were all powered by the ridiculously easy-to-use What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editors requiring no technical knowledge at all. But these days their evolution seems to be moving backwards 🙂 – more and more site builders start offering professional web design tools and encourage pros to join their platforms.

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