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Do You Need To Change Your Logo Design? 4 Signs That Say You Should

by | Oct 11, 2013 | Articles, Design | 0 comments

4 Signs That Say You Should Change Your Logo Design

Stagnant. This is one thing businesses must try hard not to be. Companies need to evolve. They need to adapt to the times, to cope with the ever-changing needs of their clients, and to continuously compete with other businesses. Without upgrades and improvements done to the company, all these are not possible. This is why old systems are replaced with new ones. Manual timekeeping to biometrics and advanced payroll system, hard-wired phone line to digital telephony service, and one medium advertisements to multi-media marketing.

4 Signs That You Should Change Your Logo Design

But what about the image and the brand of the company? Is this also a factor that needs upgrading from time to time? What about the business logo? Should a business stick to the old company logo it has used for decades?

A logo is a company’s best representation. It’s what the public sees first and what loyal customers immediately associate with. In deciding whether or not to change your company logo, there are several factors you need to consider and several signs you need to look out for to help you decide.

1. Inaccurate Representation

If your logo has become an inaccurate representation of your company and brand, then it definitely needs a change. A merger with another company and a company expansion covering more areas or offering more services are some of the major changes a business can experience. If your current logo doesn’t support the new merger or the new expansion of the business, it needs to be upgraded.

2. Too Complex

A logo needs to be simple. It needs to work well on different media platforms. Whether scaled up on huge tarps or scaled down on letterheads, it needs to look the same and not look pixelated or distorted. If your logo has a tagline and/or a phone number included, it may be difficult to use for smaller prints like posters or magazines.

A logo should also be simple enough to be easily produced. Logos with multiple colours may be a bit expensive to produce, compared to one with just three basic colours. If your logo is too complex, you may need to contact a trusted graphic design studio to have it changed.

3. Behind the Times

Some logos with an outdated font, colour combination or shape will make your business seem behind the times. If your company is in an industry that needs to always be current and up-to-date, your company image also needs to show this. If you’re a company in the technology industry for example, your logo needs to look contemporary and recent.

4. Amateur Design

Some companies in an attempt to save ask a family member or a friend to make their logo for them. It may, have worked for you years ago. But if your business has grown and is trying to project a professional image to its clients, then your company logo also needs to look professional. This can be achieved through the help of professional designers. Invest in a good logo and have it done by an expert.

As with any type of change a business has to go through, you need to carefully consider what you’re moving towards is the right way to go. In changing your company’s logo, the same careful consideration must also be followed. Then if all signs point to the need to upgrade, don’t hesitate to make the change. The transition from an old logo to a new one done by a professional that’s a simple, accurate and modern representation of your brand may be the best change that could happen to your business.

By Debra Wright

Debra Wright is a creative and innovative blogger and online marketing specialist. She uses her wordsmith skills to share her ideas, thoughts, and tips to other people about topics that fascinate her, such as logo design. Follow Debra on twitter @debrawrites

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