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Flat Infographic Elements: Exclusive Freebie

by | May 30, 2014 | Articles, Design, vector | 0 comments

Flat Infographic Elements

It’s been a while since I have created a freebie for you, so I sat down and created a brand new set of exclusive flat infographic elements. I created these in Adobe Illustrator, and I created them in a flat design style. I created a color palette of lime green, yellow, orange, purple, and light blue. For variation and to be able to add a flat shadow, without color contamination, I added charcoal grey at 50% transparency and set the blend mode to multiply. This allowed me to create a flat shadow over some elements. This is necessary in some instances for visual clarity and variation. You can preview my new set of free flat infographic elements below.

flat infographic elements

From map markers to bar graphs, I have included some handy infographic elements that you can use to represent data or quantitative information. Most of these elements contain the consistent color palette I mentioned earlier. If you want to use your own color palette, ungroup everything, and go to Select> Same> and then choose fill color. Everything with that particular fill color will be selected, and you can switch it to your own colors.

The file is available in native Adobe Illustrator format, and I saved it down to version CS1, so if you have Creative Suite 1, up until the current version, you should be able to open and edit these graphics, using them for your next infographic project.

The flat infographic elements template is free to use without attribution. You can use it however you’d like. You can alter it, change it, add to it, etc. You can use it in personal and commercial projects. However, you can’t directly resell the file or redistribute it as your own.

Download Flat Infographic Elements

To download the flat infographic elements set, click the link below to be taken to the download page.

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