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Fooseshoes Ecommerce Psd

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Articles, Photoshop | 0 comments

Fooseshoes Ecommerce Psd

Designing a great-looking e-store for your clients takes a lot of thought and consideration. You have to consider not only how the site looks, but how it functions as well. Creating a unique shopping experience for your clients visitors can make an e-commerce website popular quickly. Just think of Nomore rack. That site went from obscurity to popular almost overnight. Today’s free Photoshop file is a great example of an interesting e-commerce template. It has great subtle details that shoppers are sure to love. It has an interesting menu system and subtle details. The Fooseshoes template by  Enzo Li Volti is a great PSD file to get you started on building your own own web store. You can preview the Fooseshoes ecommerce PSD below.

Fooseshoes Ecommerce Psd fooseshoes ecommerce website template psd products fooseshoes ecommerce website template psd footer

There are a lot of things on Fooseshoes that you would expect on an e-store. It has a normal top menu with a button for your cart. It also has a login or register area and a search bar at the very top. It also has a large image at the top with a prominent featured section. Below that you have the best selling items with a highlighted menu. You have the most popular shoes listed in a horizontal menu in the active one is highlighted. Below that you have three columns of popular selections. You can see the on sale, special offers, and the must have shoes that are sold on this site. Under that you can see a collection of the new arrivals for the site. At the bottom you’ll see a blurb about free shipping the, latest blog news, a link to testimonials, and a footer section with different widgets available. If you want to create an e-store from this free PSD, it would look sensational.

You can download the free shoes ecommerce PSD for free. Use it as a great starting point for your own  e-store or ecommerce template. Use it to create your own ecommerce website or create a great one for a client. To download the Fooseshoes ecommerce PSD click the link below.

Download Fooseshoes

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