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Four Awesome ways to enhance layout of a Mobile Website

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

Mobile website

About 70 percent of tablet owners use these devices to make purchases on weekly basis, according to the Digital Buzz Blog . With the exponential increase of 160 percent only in 2013 sales of Android tablets, it is clear that the demand for mobile sites is only growing and will grow further in coming years . Having an effective mobile website design to represent your brand is now a necessity rather than a required optional decision.

Usage of small & high quality images

One of the most important part of your overall plan of web designing is coming up with company logo. It really needs to stand out in a way that it captures the attention of your customers in an attractive manner, rather than in a visually repulsive form. The golden rule is to make it as attractive as possible.

This is mainly due to the fact that large images can take a long time to load. Your potential customers do not want to spend a significant amount of time waiting to loading your page. A study also shows that 25 percent sites are made for standard desktops, if your page does not load completely within the first 4 seconds user may leave your site. Note that a mobile website will take much longer to load than standard websites, so you need to ensure that your images will not prevent your site to load quickly.

Usage of Relevant Content

You can guide your customers to your website with the usage of relevant content and pictures of the project. Usage of relevant content is one of the few reasons why so many people use , mobile sites , mainly because there is a direct and convenient connection , the route that they can give them in the direction of its contents . Therefore, you should ensure that you get the same level of quality and consistency that attracted consumers to your site first in creating a layout for mobile design.

Usage of Effective Footer

When it comes to your mobile website, you must ensure that you focus on the big picture and the complete layout – from the top down. It can become very easy, title, logo and general content and images that are displayed above the fold of the homepage, neglecting and overlooking the site footer distracted. As the old saying goes, you are easily recognized by the shoes you wear instead of his real clothes. The same principle applies with mobile sites, which is why you need to do for the footer (or “shoes ” ) of your website seriously.

The worst thing you can do is overload the footer with plenty of hyperlinks and unnecessary graphics . While this may be acceptable with standard Web pages that are seen in 17 to 20 inch screens , it can be a serious setback for mobile consumers who are instead of showing the same content on a screen of seven or nine inches to be .

Do not forget about Coding

In addition to the images on your mobile site, you should make sure that the code involved in the website should behind the scenes on your website. Creative and innovative web app development always involve effective coding, So when it comes to developing mobile websites, this is definitely one of the biggest setbacks and most overlooked aspects of the general layout. It can sometime become very annoying when you own images and content does not appears properly due to bad coding or less coding.

Make sure you have the correct code, it should be fully valid. Use layouts fluids to ensure that the size of your screen site automatically adapts to the size constraints of mobile devices that access it. Use specific style sheets, a variety of different mobile devices that are efficient and user-friendly destination. Stay away from fancy scripts that can only further complicate things on your website and make it complex for you and your users.

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