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Having just the right icons can make a design that much better. When you’re trying to send the right message, an icon is a great way to represent a concept. If you are an artist or a designer, there are a lot of tools of the trade and areas of expertise. Having an icon set to repsent what you do can help promote your work. That’s where this week’s freebie comes in. Exclusively from Freepik, we have a great set of free art and design icons. You’ll love the set, which you can preview below.

free art and design icons preview

Download Free Art and Design Icons

This set of free art and design icons is available in PNG and SVG formats. Using a PNG means it has no background. You can use it as is on websites or other web graphics. Having the SVG format means you can drop it into Adobe Illustrator and edit it, customizing however you need to make it work for you. Another great benefit to this free set of art and design icons is that they come in 3 formats. The first option is outline only. The second option is solid colors only. The last option is a mix of solid colors and outlines together. Having these separate styles makes it easy to start with a certain look an dtweakit. You won’t  have to add outlines and try to make it work. You also won’t have to decide what thickness of line looks the best. That’s already been done for you.

You’ll find a variety of different icons that have to do with the art and design fields. You’ll see icons that represent color paletes, and tools for using color. You’ll also see things like paper, frames and canvas for paintings. There are also icons for things like scissors, glue, and even a hammer & chisel. For designers, there are icons for things like the pen tool and bezier curves, and the eyedropper tool. You’ll also see a color swatch book, drawing tablet and a icons for scaling elements. You can use these icons for free in personal or commercial projects. You can edit them however you need to make them work for your project.

To download these free art and design icons, click the download link below, eneteryour email address and you’ll receive them in your email inbox shortly.


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