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Minimalist Design in E-Commerce

As the competition in the online market is growing tough day by day, it has become necessary to have an amazing e-commerce website.

You have to inspire the customers the moment they land on to your website and make a strong impression. Keep in mind your goal is to keep your customers happy and satisfied in order to make them trust you with their hard earned money.

But the question arises, how can you do that?

Well, most people are of the notion that if you go for an ostentatious web design for your e-commerce store, it will generate maximum sales right away.

However, that’s not what happens in most cases!

A cluttered web page with visually complex designs here and there is not going to impress the customer. Remember, you have only 3 seconds to tell the visitors about your brand and its uniqueness. They won’t wait or put efforts in looking to know more about your e-commerce store.

This is why many e-commerce stores prefer to go with minimalist design. And when we say minimal, it doesn’t mean a web page with only text, which is another major turn off for the customers.

Elegant design with relevant pictures and short yet meaningful text will definitely improve the readability of the web page. It will allow visitors to spend more time on your website. Apart from the design, the architecture of your website should also be able to educate, acquire, activate, and grow your customers!

Below are the 5 reasons why e-commerce stores prefer to go with a minimalist design!

The simpler, the better!

A study by Google showed that “visually complex” websites are consistently rated as less beautiful than those with minimal design.

In the same study, it was revealed that “highly prototypical” websites, those with simple web layout were rated the most beautiful.

This shows the perspective of a customer on how they see a visually complexed website. When it comes to simplicity, minimalism in design is the best way to remove redundant elements from the site. The right choice of colors, attractive pictures, catchy text, and ample white space are necessary elements for any web page. But as each page of your website will be unique, it’ll be on you to decide to choose the right factors and leaving out the unimportant ones.

For example, if you own an online leather store, you don’t need to showcase your every fancy product on the home page.

A nice picture with an introductory text about your store is enough with other options available right on the top and allow the visitors to do the rest.

Easier to develop

Another reason why e-commerce prefers to go for minimalist design is that they are easier to develop and load faster than those cluttered e-commerce websites.

As we mentioned earlier that your website should not take a long time to load. This will annoy the customers and eventually, they won’t hesitate to click the cross button right on the top.

Once you have developed a website, you will also need to manage it every day.

A minimalist site can also be managed easily and more professionally. You will focus only on the necessary factors rather than spending time on more complex elements.

Users spend more time on your website

Once users learn their way around your website, chances are they will stick there for more than a while!

For an e-commerce store, the top priority is to satisfy the customer and gain their trust. Your minimal website layout that can be understood at a glance will surely have an impact on them. They will love to know about your stores and your products/services.

Minimalist website will also allow easy navigation for the users. It will also take lesser time to load on mobile phones and other gadgets. A user-friendly interface should be your top priority, or all your efforts will go in vain.

Moreover, each page of your website should be designated for a certain product/services. This will help you divert the traffic from one page to another and keep the visitor hooked to your site.

Increase in Conversion Rate

When it comes to designing your web store, you want to make sure that it’s not only up to the mark, but it should also lift your conversion rate.

When visitors love to surf through your website, this will ultimately lift your conversion rate.

Your basic goal behind an e-commerce store is to turn the visitor into a buyer. If you succeed in keeping the visitor on your website by easier navigation and faster user interface, your half job is done.

Now allow your elegant designs, fancy products, and other elements of your web store to impress them. The cart option should be right in front of their eye and also, a 24/7 customer helpline to answer their queries instantly.

Retain your customers

Your website has been developed, customers are happy and so is the conversion rate of your ecommerce store, but now it’s time to bring them back!

After gaining trust, the next step is to gain their loyalty, and this is when your company logo design comes into play!

If the customer is satisfied with their purchase, your product will remind them of their happy experience. And, whenever they want to make another purchase, they will ultimately land on your page. It’s also possible that they will recommend your web store to their acquaintances and family.

This is why you should always focus on building your brand image as the online world is full of scams. But once you have gained the trust of a customer, they will be loyal to you, provided that your services are consistent!

Conclusion: Minimalist Design & E-commerce

Where looks definitely matter, simplicity takes the lead in most cases. Same goes for the e-commerce design that should not only be minimalist but should also help you to grow your business. A cluttered website can confuse the customer, increase the bounce rate of your website, and most importantly, decrease your sales. Seek professional help for your logo to build a brand image so that your customers can trust you even more!

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