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Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd

The free Photoshop file of the week is the Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd by Enes. The Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd is a bright and colorful Photoshop website template that would make any ecommerce site look great. It has a flat design, and really accentuates the products, and makes them stand out. The psd includes many different layout concepts, which makes it easy to customize your site’s design. Many details were considered with this free template, which is why it’s the free Photoshop file of the week. You can preview the Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd below. Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd Product split

The interface for the Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd s well designed, with a lot of details packed in. The cart and account icons are simplistic, but effective. The site is minimally designed, but highly streamlined, too.Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd grid

I like the product grid. his is an interesting concept to show the type of products that are available on the site. This would be highly effective with a text overlay when the user hovers over it.

Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd product

If you want to really showcase a product, a promo page design is available. Here, you can add special product detials and other information.Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd cart

The shopping cart is represented by a shopping bag, and I like how it is laid out. It is simple, yet highly effective. There is a preview image of the product, with a brief title and a price. You can remove the product easily by clicking the x.

Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd gallery

If you are running an auctio site, this is an awesome concept for an interface where you can select your bid via a slider. I like the color combination as well, because it keeps it light and fun.

Download the Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd

The Bloom Ecommerce Template Psd is free. The clean layout and the bright, flat colors emphasize the main role of the products. The PSD file is provided with vector graphics, making it easy to edit and customize. Feel free to use it in any way you wish. Click the link below to be taken to the download page.