Free Calendar PSD: Free Photoshop File

Free Calendar PSD

It is our job to create various promotional materials as a part of our daily tasks. I’m sure you’ve had the need once or twice to create a calendar for a special promotion. A calendar can be a great way to promote a product or service. However, creating a calendar from scratch can be a pain. Using templates like the one shown today as a base for your designs is smart, because all of the tedious portions of the project are already finished. You have a basic layout of days and the month, and different ways to accentuate that information. Today you will find a free calendar psd with 3 separate colors. it comes from a site called Pixel Fabric, and they have some cool stuff over there. you should definitely check it out.

free calendar psd

What I like the most about this free calendar psd is that it is built with scalability in mind. This free calendar psd is built with shapes instead of rasterized graphics, which means that you can scale your calendar to be as big as you need it, or as small as you want it. Use it as a mockup for a website calendar, or remove the background. After you remove the background, you can rearrange the formatting, the colors and the details of this free calendar psd to suit your needs. The only real work that you might have to do is format the days so that they align with the current month of the year.

This free calendar psd comes in 3 color schemes, which are dark, light, and combo. They will look great on any surface, of you can recolor them. in doing so, you can easily integrate this free calendar psd into any of your print or web designs.


Free templates can really save you a lot of time. Imagine having to lay out a calendar from scratch and having to align all of the boxes and numbers. Having this free calendar psd takes all of the hard work out of formatting your calendar, and puts it towards designing the look. Which variation of this free calendar psd will you use? Do you know any time saving tricks for creating your own calendar? if so, share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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