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Responsive Html5 Theme: Strongly Typed

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Articles, Web Development | 0 comments

Strongly Typed Responsive Html5 Theme

I love responsive design and how your site can look amazing across so many devices at once. This weeks’ responsive html5 theme is called Strongly Typed. If was made by HTML5 Up, who has been featured here before. This responsive html5 theme is minimal, but it definitely makes an impact. There are different variations, such as a right or left sidebar. You can even go full width. What is really nice is the look of the drop down menu. It is very clean and simple, but absolutely beautiful.



I like that there are 3 main points, followed by a call-to-action. This is great for getting visitors to click or take action.




This section is great for a powerful quote or statement. This area will get a lot of attention, because of the blurred background and all of the space around the text. This is your main spot in this responsive html5 theme to make an impact or to make a bold statement to leave a lasting impression.


This is an example of content with a right sidebar. It is clean and has just enough padding and margin space to visually create a sense of separate sections of information.


This is an example of a sidebar with image content. It shows how the text wraps around the image. The minimal design of this responsive html5 theme really makes your images stand out.Strongly-Typed-Responsive-Html5-Theme-6

The messaging area is clean and simple. I like how you have a contact form on the left side, and the right side can contain your basic contact information, such as your phone number, address, and social media links. This responsive html5 theme even includes a few minimal icons to add to the clean look of the site.

What will you use this responsive html5 theme for? To download this theme and check out the rest of Html5 Up’s site, click the link below.

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