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Free Facebook Mockup Psd

If you want to show what a company’s logo or marketing materials will look like on Facebook, a mockup can be a handy thing to have around. You could offer services, like creating custom Facebook cover photos and profile pics. Creating a Facebook Mockup Psd could take a couple of hours, unless you found a quality template. That’s where this week’s free Photoshop file comes in. This free Photoshop mockup Psd by is an excellent Photoshop mockup of the Facebook UI. To see a preview of the free Psd, see the screenshot below.

Free Facebook Mockup Psd

You can see from the screenshot that everything is pretty spot on when it comes to fonts, placement, etc. This is a great way to show what promotional videos, cover photos and logos will look like before actually placing them. You can see what text and images will look like. This free Facebook mockup Psd is one of those touches that goes the extra mile for your clients. Not only will they appreciate it, but you’ll also come out looking like a hero. You might consider using this template, along with a Twitter and Google+ template to present marketing materials that you have designed to clients.

Download the Free Facebook Mockup Psd

This Photoshop template is free to download and use in your projects. If you do end up using this Facebook mockup Psd, you should promote the designer to show appreciation for their work. A like or a share can go a long way. Maybe they’ll end up landing a paying gig because of it. It’s always important to try and return the favor when someone, especially a fellow designer, supplies you with some useful. You can see the rest of ‘s work on Dribbble.

To Download this free template, click the download link below.