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Free Learning Icons

This week I have an exclusive set of free learning icons, provided by Vector Portal. They have a ton of awesome free vector graphics on their site. The site you see in this collection is centered around learning and science. If you’ve ever had to stay up late studying for school, you’ll identify with these icons.Take a look at this exclusive set of free learning icons, shown below.

free learning icons

My favorite icon in the collection would have to be the desk lamp. I used to have an articulating desk lamp just like it when I was in school. It was perfect for reading and studying my notes. It was also perfect for shining light on my sketchbook during late night drawing sessions.

Other icons include a basketball, a timer (I hated timed tests), a book, notes, an art set, a graduation cap, and more. All of these make me think back to those years where my life revolved around learning and curriculum. Each icon has a long shadow applied to simulate depth. Each icon is crystal clear, while also providing a crystal clear meaning that is easy to understand.

These aren’t the only only vector graphics available from Vector Portal. If you visit their site, you’ll find a library of great vector graphics, vector concepts, icons, and more. It’s definitely a resource you should add to your library. They’re always adding new stuff, so be sure to check back regularly.

Download Free Learning Icons

These free learning icons are available in both Ai and EPS formats. This makes it easy to drop them into Adobe Illustrator and edit them to match your project, or even your personal design style. To download, click the link below. After entering your email address, they’ll arrive in your inbox shortly.

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