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Free Vector 3D Chart Icons

If you’re in business, especially in the corporate world, every little detail counts. Everything gets noticed when you are pitching to a big business or giving a presentation. Everything is important, right down to the color choices for fonts, to the type of materials that you pass out during the presentation. Looking your best is essential, and presenting data in the most professional manner can go a long way. Today’s freebie is a set of vector 3D Chart Icons.

Vector 3D chart icons

These vector 3d chart icons are spectacular. I was amazed at how much detail they packed into a set of 5 icons. The amount of dimension is incredible, and the designers that created this know how to make a graphic stand out. These vector 3D chart icons are very colorful and the way that they are designed give them a very glossy appearance.

Even the pie chart shows a lot of dimension and style. I like the unique wild card icon of the colored meter in the bottom left corner. The range from red to green is a great visual way to show a positive reading. The other icons are great, too. You have a bar graph, with angled light streaks, which gives a prismatic appearance. Also, the line graph is dimensional as well. Each line is easy to see and really jumps out from the background. These vector 3D chart icons show a mastery of shadows and lighting.

The best part about these icons are that they are vectors, so they are infinitely scalable. They come in PNG format and they also come in their native Adobe Illustrator format. You can break them apart and modify them, change their colors, or convert them to your own 3 dimensional chart graphics. What will you do with these vector 3D chart icons? To download, click the button below.