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Free Psd File of the Week: Web Design Wireframe Kit

by | May 7, 2013 | Photoshop, Web Design | 0 comments

Web Design Wireframe Kit

This week’s free Psd file is a web design wireframe kit for Photoshop. Mock up the elements of your website quickly and easily with this free web design wireframe kit. It comes in black and white and it covers just about any ui element that you would find on a typical website, such as headings, bullet points, buttons, etc.

Web Design Wireframe Kit

This section shows how you can set up your base colors and try out how things look before you really commit to anything. You can preview your headings and see how fonts will look and how different colors will interact with each other. Notice how the numbered and bulleted lists look above. These can be applied to lists or widgets in the sidebar of your website.

Web Design Wireframe Kit: Nav

The shot above shows you how your navigation will look. You can also preview elements like your pagination, ensuring that your website’s look and feel is uniform across all elements. You can preview your tabbed elements as well as form elements. This free web design wireframe kit even has a mockup audio and video player.Web Design Wireframe Kit: UI

You can also preview what paragraph text will look like. If you are going to be using avatars, those are available as well. There are tables and tool tips, and even a calendar for events. If you are going to be displaying badges on your site, you can preview how they will look with your existing UI elements.


This free web design wireframe kit is an excellent starting point for creating a mockup of a new website. You can preview elements, play with colors and try things out without committing to anything. This web design wireframe kit should save you a lot of time and frustration when you are designing a website from scratch. This wireframe kit is free to download. Click below to go to the sit or download the file directly.

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