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Free Vector File of the Week: Free Vector Social Media Icons

by | May 4, 2013 | Articles | 0 comments

Free Vector Social Media Icons

This week’s free vector file is a set of awesome free vector social media icons. These icons include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS, Google Plus, Pinterest, Dribbble, Youtube, Vimeo, StumbleUpon, and more. They are also created in different styles as well. You have square icons, rounded square, and circular. What I like is that the artist has shown you what they look like in color and black and white. they also did a pretty good job of getting the right colors for each icon as well.

Free Vector Social Media Icons

These are 32×32 with a 16×16 centered icon placement. The top row includes all raw shapes. One of the cool things about this free vector social media icon set is that it is created in a flat style, and flat design is in right now. Another cool thing about this is that when you want to add more to it later, these will be a good base to start from, because there are no frills or extras to the icons, just the logo, the shape, and the color.


If you like these (which I do because of their simplicity), then click the large green download button below to be taken to their page where you can download their free vector social media icons to use in your projects. They are in eps format, making it easy to pop them into Illustrator and customize to your liking. If you like free stuff like this on a regular basis, be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter, and you’ll get links to great stuff each week in your inbox. If you have a free file or two to share, be sure to email me via the contact form with a link to your file and if it is a good quality file that people can get a lot of use out of, it just may end up being the next vector file of the week.


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