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Free Watercolor Retro Logos

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Articles, Graphic Design | 0 comments

Watercolor Retro Logos

When you think of logos, you generally think of crisp, clean, corporate logos that are business oriented. Lately it has seemed to be a growing trend to create a handcrafted, more organic look. This seems to appeal to the general public on a more personal level. Logos are becoming more artistic and freeform, which allows for a lot of creativity. With that being said, watercolor has always been a great medium for expression, with vibrant colors and an organic feel. This week, exclusively from Freepik, we have a collection of free watercolor retro logos. They are in vector format, so they are infinitely scalable, while having a fun, organic touch. You can see a preview of the watercolor retro logo collection below.

Retro logos watercolor

As you can see, these watercolor retro logos can add a hand-made touch to any design project. To download, click the link below and your free watercolor retro logos will arrive in your inbox shortly.

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