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How to Weave Video Into Your Website for Higher Conversions

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Articles, Graphic Design | 0 comments

How to Weave Video Into Your Website for Higher Conversions

Seventy-four percent of all web traffic will come from video by 2017, according to research conducted by Syndacast. Forrester Research also reports that video is 50 times more likely to boost organic page rankings in Google than plain text. Give your website a boost by creating compelling and engaging videos, from explainer videos to opt-ins. With a few simple apps and tools, you can reach higher conversions and kickstart your business.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos can increase conversions and give your audience immediate context for your services., a property of Salesforce, used an explainer video that increased their conversion rates by 20 percent. An explainer video can be as simple as you talking about your product or service and showing how it works. Or put a more light-hearted spin on things with fun animation supported by copy that emphasizes the main points of your video.

Outsourcing quality explainer videos to a professional can be costly. Instead, invest in some inexpensive B-roll from a site like Shutterstock to create your own video and add a compelling backdrop to your story. There are also online services that offer free video tools. Raw Shorts is ideal for the cash strapped who need to make a quick, simple and free explainer video. Choose a template, then drag and drop the video and customize it by pointing and clicking your way through the prompts. Export and share your final product on your landing page, YouTube or Facebook.

About page

Make your About page more personal than just typing out a few lines of text sharing your story. Instead, pick up a camera and get up close and personal with your audience. Keep it light and fun and humanize your audience’s experience with you. Get creative and try something innovative with your filming. If you run a site about mountain biking, grab a GoPro camera and attach it to your helmet. Edit together a video of one of your favorite rides.

Customer videos

Use the power of customer videos and testimonials to spread the word about your company. There’s unlimited potential and virtually no cost to you. Entice customers to make videos by offering coupons, a VIP newsletter or free products in exchange for a video review. You may already have customers talking about your services on YouTube. Do an online search on YouTube and copy the embed code for the video to paste any customer videos directly into your website.

Customer videos can also be edited into an explainer video with software like WeVideo. Upload your videos, cut everything together and add music and text. They can discuss your product or show what they accomplished by using it. For example, Adobe Creative Cloud put together a video of how their customers use their product and turned it into an advertising opportunity. New customers can see end result of the product in action and learn more about Adobe’s support of these budding creatives.

Video opt-in

Today’s consumers are bombarded by opt-ins with a promise for tips, resources, coupons and e-books in exchange for their email address. It’s no longer enough to just have a great incentive to grab someone’s email. Stand out from your competition by using a video opt-in with an app like Video Opt-In from KrunchLabs. Potential customers can leave their email right inside the video player without clicking through to another form.

Upload your video to get started and pick your email marketing provider. KrunchLabs integrates with popular providers like Aweber, Mailchimp and GetResponse among others. Set when you want the opt-in to show whether it’s five seconds or fifteen. Then quickly set-up your headlines and text content you want displayed. Grab the video embed code and place it on your landing page, blog, YouTube or Facebook.

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