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21 Fantastic Free Website Templates

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Articles, Inspiration, Web Design, Web Development | 10 comments

Use Free Website Templates to Get Started

Whether you are a new designer who just started school, or a veteran designer who can code a site from scratch in record time, sometimes we need a little inspiration or a good starting point. Let’s be honest, sometimes we  have to do a rush job for a new client to keep the lights on, so you may end up using free website templates to get your project jump-started. Another reason you might use free website templates is because you are new, and need a working example of a real site to pick apart and learn from. This is a good chance to see how professionals build websites, and it helps you to see how all of the parts of a website come together to make the whole. Below is a selection of 21 of the best free website templates available on the web. You can click the text or the image to go to the site, view the live demo, and download each template.

Lawyer & Attorney

Lawyer Website Templates

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HTML5 Industrial Website Template

HTML5 Website Template


Smart Biz Free Website Template


Guide Free Website Templates

Divi WordPress Theme