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Free Working Bootstrap Contact Form

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Articles, CSS3, Web Design, Web Development | 3 comments

Bootstrap Contact Form

This is a free contact form for your site. The folder containing your free contact form is made up of a few Bootstrap files. The first file is the html file that you will use to display your contact form. The second is the CSS Stylesheet, styling the look of your contact form. There is a PHP file that actually makes your free contact form work. View the Demo.

Using Your Bootstrap Contact Form

To use your free contact form, open up the PHP file in a text editor, and change¬† “” on line 5 to your actual domain name. If you want to customize the subject that you will see when someone sends you an email from your site’s contact form, edit “Customer Inquiry” on line 6. Everything else should work. One thing to keep in mind is that all three files need to be in the same directory, so if you take these files out of the folder provided, just be sure to place the files all in the same area, such as the root folder of your site. If you place the php file or the html file in a folder by itself, then the form won’t work.

Bootstrap contact form

Altering Your Bootstrap Contact Form

You can style your free contact form with the CSS Stylesheet, using basic CSS principles. Change the color values to match your site’s color scheme. You can also place the form within an existing layout by copying and pasting the html into a page. Just make sure to update the links so that the form connects properly with the other 2 files. The only 2 things with distinct colors in the form are the focus and hover styles for the text input, and the hover styles for the submit button. Everything else has been made a shade of blue, for simplicity. If you want to know more about how to create and implement forms, check this out. Otherwise, download the free contact form after sharing via the social media icons below:

Simply click one of the icons below, and after you share this page, your download will start automatically. View the Demo.

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