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Get Instagram followers – The kind of brands/profiles people follow most

by | May 15, 2020 | Social Media | 0 comments

Social media networking is an essential part of the marketing campaigns for companies! And Instagram is one of the popular social media channels that business owners and entrepreneurs want to capitalize on their business. Instagram mostly started as a photo-sharing social network, which today gets used by famous brands across all industry verticals, to share company news, product and service details, exciting videos, make sales and gain likes and followers as well. Your followers on Instagram are synonymous with your customers as well. With effective strategy and consistent posts, you can make these users your loyal customers.

Most business owners and start-up entrepreneurs resort to Instagram to increase their follower count. Today, you have access to websites, and other service providers, that help them to buy 50 Instagram likes and more. They can choose a package depending on their requirement.

However, when it comes to gaining followers, people have an affinity for chosen Instagrammers or Instagram profile holders. Regardless of any industry vertical, some of the profiles, accounts, and posts on Instagram that people love to follow are:

  1. Witty, quirky and easy-going

Modern-day life is stressful! Office and personal chores often don’t leave people with much scope to think and mull over serious matters. Hence, some people who are on Instagram love to share a post and browse, to check for exciting content. These people are mostly on the lookout for something witty, easy-going, and witty. It helps them relax and also have a good browsing time on this social media. They might share or like a humorous post as well, even if it has nothing to do with them directly.

Hence, it is essential for business owners to add humor and lighten up when they make social media posts. That will increase the audience receptivity, which in turn increases brand visibility.

  1. Brands that speak directly about a service or product

People like to follow brands that have a direct approach! Brands that are wishy-washy about their product and services seem nervous and shaky to the audience. People are attracted to confidence and competence. And it is essential for business owners to reflect these qualities in the posts they make. For instance, if your brand has won awards for specific work or segment, make sure to write about it directly. Let the audience know what the award means to you and other allied sentiments. It’s okay not to get pompous. But that shouldn’t make you shy away from letting users know about your best traits and achievements.

  1. Brands that have a purpose and objective

There’s a reason for everything! As an entrepreneur, you came up with a product or service because of a set of reasons. It is necessary to highlight the same in your social media posts, without being sales-y or without preaching. Share your products and initiatives and the purpose behind them.

People on social media are also searching an answer for their query! You need to know these questions and curate your posts in a way that they look like you are providing answers or solutions to the questions. It happens when you stay clued into the audience’s requirements. Here you need to make use of the correct pictures and hashtags as well. The result is more followers and user engagement. The moment people start to have a dialogue about your brand, you automatically get a flurry of followers who merely curious to know about you. If yours is a start-up company, you can make use of this increased follower and position your brand accordingly.

  1. Brands that are consistent and regular

Once people like you, they want to see more of and from you! Hence, you need to plan your post content in a way that engages them. People like profiles that are regular with their posts without being boring or repetitive. If you are planning to post three times a week, you can share a product post, a post on company insider post, and a management-related post. You can change the content of each category and also interchange the same with other categories that you deem fit. It helps in retaining the user’s interest. Once that happens, you will get followers automatically.

  1. Brands that respond

People today want a personal connection between them and their best brands! No company should aim to stay in a watertight compartment while planning a social media strategy. Hence, if you are responding to people’s messages and comments, you are likely to gain more followers. Customers love to hear from the brands they follow. You need to send them precise replies, which helps them in their buying journey or just to know your brand better.

Instagram followers are a sign of the way your business is performing! When you have an authentic follower increase, you know that you are performing well. If your brand is similar to any of the pointers mentioned above, you are likely to get more followers gradually.

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