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Have a Good Business Attitude

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Articles, Design, Freelancing, Tutorials | 2 comments

Having a Good Business Attitude Affects Your Business

One thing to consider is the way that you carry yourself. If you are visiting a client at their place of business, it is common for the secretary, or receptionist to observe your actions. Someone is always watching you. If you go in for a pitch, and are rude to the receptionist, you may not get a call back. Many companies ask the receptionist their impression of the person, if they were not referred. It is a good idea to walk in, smile, introduce yourself and your purpose (who you are there to see), etc., and give a firm hand shake. Stand up straight, look them in the eye, smile, and speak loudly and clearly. If you are confident in yourself, then your clients will be confident in you. One thing I like to remember is that everywhere you go, you have a good business attitude, and if people are impressed enough with you, then you will leave a good impression and the word may spread. If you leave a bad impression, the word will definitely spread. Having a good business attitude really has an impact on your business. Networking and professionalism leads to success and referral business.

Good Business Attitude

Good Business Attitude – Body Language

Another thing to consider is your body language. A good business attitude isn’t just about your personality, it is the way that you stand, the way that you walk, talk, and gesture all says that something about you. It is good to stand up straight, which shows confidence, so other will see that you have confidence in your work. Try not to stumble over your words, even though you may be nervous. I have been there, and I still get nervous with larger clients, simply because I am eager to land the project. You want to be friendly, but not overwhelming or pushy. You also want to be genuine and true to yourself. People can usually tell when you are being fake or putting on a show. It is good to remember that we are building trust, and that everything we do is being scrutinized. If people see that you are passionate about what you do, people will see it, and trust you more, because they know that you aren’t simply there to take their money, and you actually like or love your job. Graphic design, photography, illustration, animation and other professions like these aren’t simply hobbies, and if we take them seriously, then the rest of the world will take them seriously as well.

Show Confidence in Your Own Skills and Work

Showing confidence in your work and speaking about the positive aspects of past projects is a great practice. How can someone be confident in hiring you if you aren’t confident in yourself. If you are confident in yourself and your abilities, the client will have no problem paying the $50 an hour fee for hiring you. With all of that being said, it is good to back all of that confidence up with a proven track record and solid results. People like to see results. One rule of thumb is that if you can’t do it, don’t fake it. Once you lose that trust, you will never get it back.

Positive Gestures Bring Positive Results

Having a good business attitude is tough to do, but one thing that you need to get into a habit of doing is writing a thank you card, thanking them for their business. Even if they don’t hire you, still send a card. The reason is that you are thanking them for their time, and the courtesy of reviewing your work. I have had clients change their minds and call me back to work on their projects. Also, another huge move to make is a follow up phone call every now and then to check in on your clients to see how they are doing. This simple gesture shows a good business attitude, and it is good for you, because the client wil feel more like a person and less like an invoice that needs to be paid. Sometimes they want to add more content to their site, or want to create a direct mail campaign, but are too busy or too lazy to actually call and inquire. Make it convenient for them. I have had many situations where I called a client to do a follow up, and they would say “While I have you on the phone, I was thinking about adding……” and from that I received more business. I know these things are simple, but it is absolutely mind boggling how many people don’t do this. Having a good business attitude isn’t just for show. It’s something you need to have when no one is around. Clients are not going to knock down our doors so that we can design for them. We have to make it easy and give them opportunities and reminders. Doing these things also makes it look like we care, which I do care about all of my clients, but these are great ways to show it, and it benefits us in the long run at the same time.

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