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How Translating Your Blog Content Can Enhance Your Search Rankings

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Articles, Blogging, Seo | 0 comments

It’s no longer enough for businesses to have websites and blogs written in just one language. Yes, in today’s business world, there is a growing need to target a broad audience for maximum profit. This means that you may want to consider translating your blog or website using online translation services to cater to a broader number of visitors from around the world, which goes a long way in increasing your SEO ranking.

It is essential to know that not all blog posts or pages require multiple languages, although it’s wise to focus on content that has no cultural limitations. Or to translate blog posts that are relevant to all kinds of readers, regardless of their culture or language.

Top Three(4) Reasons Why Your Blog Should be Translated To Increase SEO Ranking:

Improve SEO Rankings

This is one of the aspects of owning a blog that companies or individuals struggle with; search engine optimization. The way SEO works are that popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.can help optimize your blog content by increasing its search visibility. This means that more people who search for specific inquiries containing related keywords on your site can quickly find your blog, thereby increasing the organic traffic to your site.

For SEO to properly help improve your site ranking, your content must be or high value and must contain targeted keywords that are relevant to that topic. Since there are keywords in every language, the more content you translate on your blog, the more keywords you have. This means the more readers or site visitors your site will attract.

The fundamental rule is to make your site visible to as many people as possible, the best way to achieve that is through creating valuable and original content and translating it into different languages. This way, search engine rankings can facilitate how often your site is suggested, each time someone searches for that keyword on the web.

Reach A Wider Audience

Fresh and useful content is very critical for SEO ranking. It is a sure way of driving traffic from diverse regions and encouraging engagement on your site. Therefore, if your website is in multiple languages, you have a better chance of reaching a broader audience, which will promote much more engagement on your site, translating to increased SEO ranking.

You must understand that you cannot just write a blog post in your native language and then use a tool like Google translate to help convert that content into a foreign language. You must invest in professional translation services like The Word Point to produce high-quality content.

You must understand that every language has a structure, which is usually referred to as syntax and is an essential aspect of any language. It defines the rules that govern communications because it states how words, sentences, punctuation, phrases, etc. are to be used in a language. You need to make sure that your translated content does not have any syntax issues and is very clear. This is extremely important to increase your SEO ranking in that particular language, which will inevitably positively affect the ranking of your entire website.

Build Backlinks

Building backlinks internationally is an essential part of enhancing your website’s SEO ranking. A backlink is a link created when a site links to a page of another website. Backlinks are a significant factor that determines any website’s ranking. A page with a lot of backlinks has fantastic SEO ranking on almost all search engines. Search engines also tend to prioritize links that are in the same language and country much more than a different language and country. Therefore, having quality content in a foreign language increases the chance for your site to generate backlinks.

Russian visitors are more likely to stay and engage on a site if the content is in a language they understand; therefore, it is just not essential to have backlinks you need to keep audiences on your website and find ways to keep them engaged. Therefore, having your content translated to a foreign language will make sure your website immensely benefits from the backlinks, which will enhance the overall SEO ranking of your site.

Less Competition

It will interest you to know that English is the language with the most competitive language to write in with over fifty-three percentage of all websites being in the English language. When you translate your blog content to other languages, you stand a much better chance of improving your SEO ranking because the market for blogging in other languages is not as saturated as the English language.

You also get the opportunity to take advantage of your domain authority. If, for example, your content has always been in the English language, you would have, over time, gained some domain authority. When you then translate your content to Arabic, you will be able to leverage this domain authority and rank higher than other websites written in Arabic that have not been able to establish domain authority. It is way easier to rank high in a foreign language if your content is beneficial and consistent.

There are other great benefits of translating your blog’s content that doesn’t involve SEO ranking such as:

Optimizing Business Opportunities– You would be able to more easily introduce other businesses such as a drop shipping business, affiliate marketing, and so on because you have established your brand in that language.

Increased Revenue– More companies would want to advertise on your blogs, therefore, increasing revenue from ads.

Local Media Coverage- You stand a higher chance of being featured in the local media of a foreign country, especially if you have excellent content.


As you know, there are a ton of websites on the internet; everyone is trying to get their content to reach as many readers as possible. So if there is a way to increase the flow of organic site traffic, it’d be smart to take advantage of it. In this case, translating your blog is a sure way to increase your website ranking on search engines, reach more potential site visitors, and increase revenue in the process.

frank hamiltonFrank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing, and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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