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7 Tips for a Contact Page that Drives Inquiries

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Articles, Web Design | 0 comments


When we offer our contact info or require some else’s information, the main idea is to establish a communication that would lead to a successful relationship. This rule is as old as the human interaction and it’s the main reason why we build a contact page on our website. However, not too many people pay attention to how much influence on our revenue a cleverly produced contact form might have. Therefore, we have devised this article to let you in on seven simple pieces of advice that should help you engage your website visitors’ interaction.

Always include your contact page within the main menu

Depending on your website layout, the main menu should be visible, but most importantly contain the Contact page navigation button. Imagine running a paper writing service and a visitor wants to contact you for information regarding custom papers writing. The navigation towards the portion of your website where your email, phone, or contact form is placed should be seamless, otherwise, people would just move on to the next site.

Keep it simple

In the case of contact forms, it’s important to know that people aren’t always eager to provide all the information a stranger would require. Make sure to build a simple contact form that asks only for the most important information, such as email, so you could write back.

If a student would send an inquiry about price and terms for resume help, you don’t want to ask them to submit previously written college papers or some other info that isn’t essential during the initial stage of inquiry.

Avoid Captcha

There are many other ways to make sure that your inbox doesn’t get spammed with trash emails, you don’t have to bother your visitors with Captcha and other types of forms that prove you’re being contacted by a real person. A study on the influence of these types of forms on conversion rates shows that your conversion rate might drop by 3 percent if you ask people to complete those boring tests before submitting an inquiry.

Provide multiple contact choices

Lead by experience with brands that have poor customer service, a lot of online users avoid using contact forms. This is why you should include alternative methods of interaction like email, phone, Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

Let’s say your company hires UK writers but your target audience lives in a different time zone. If your contact options would allow only live chat, per example, and your visitors try to get information from your staff concerning assignment help UK based writers would not be able to respond until they get back to the office.

Provide respond time assurance

If your business model or current budget doesn’t allow you too many options for contact and you’re left with nothing but a basic contact form, make sure to let the people know how much time it would take until they hear from you. It’s really important to provide assurance that it won’t take too long until some of your staff answers an inquiry or people might lose interest in communicating with you. Also, make sure you deliver your response within the promised time frame or you’ll risk losing trust.

Mobile responsive design

Mobile internet traffic is taking over the internet, which means you should make sure your contact page works great on mobile platforms. If a person would look for online assignment help while using their mobile, this means they don’t have the time to resolve compatibility issues or chase down the screen for a submit button.

Nowadays, WordPress is the most popular CMS tool and it runs more than a third of all websites around the world. The main reason is that WP provides mobile-friendly website templates and allows the seamless installation of various plugins. Even if your website design is mobile-friendly it’s of paramount importance to install a contact form plugin that will provide the same usability on both desktop and mobile devices.

Humanize contact

Visitors often forget that behind the pixels real people are trying to do their best to provide the ultimate user experience no matter if you’re into e-commerce, digital marketing, accounting assignment help niche. It’s good to remind your users that there are real people working behind the desk and not an AI-driven Chatbot. Place a photo and the name of the person or persons working in your customer support service to show your clients that they are speaking with fellow humans.

Moreover, people would more likely contact you if they know their inquiry will be addressed by a real person instead of a piece of software.


Ease of use, responsive design, minimal mandatory fields, and multiple contact options are all it takes to create a perfect contact page. Give your visitors freedom of choice, ask only for what they would willingly provide and you’ll see the number of inquiries rising. Also make sure to keep your contact page in line with your brand identity, don’t sign it off as unimportant.

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