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Huge Bundle of 400 Free Icons (8 Sets in All)

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Articles, Graphic Design | 1 comment

400 Free Icons

I have an awesome exclusive freebie for you from Freepik today. They have put together a massive bundle of 400 free icons that consists of 8 different sets. These icons are clean vector icons that you can use in anything from favicons to billboards. With 400 hundred icons in this bundle, I can hardly believe they’re free. Let’s take a look at what you’ll be getting in this exclusive set of free icons.

Business & Finance


From payment icons, to currency and marketing, these icons represent business and financial concepts simply, but creatively. They include a filled and an outline version.

Database & Analytics


You can use graph & chart concepts to conceptualize analytics. There are also database icons to symbolize databases and servers, which are useful to many tech based businesses.



You’ll find just about every type of arrow design you can think of. You’ll see arrows for all types of directions and movement, which are helpful of websites and especially signage.


400 Free Icons E-Commerce

You’ll find icons for transport, packaging, sales, prices tags, and anything related to sales and online purchases.

Media & Advertising

400 Free Icons - Media & Advertising

If you need icons that represent media and advertising, this set has plenty of good choices. From print ads, to signage, target marketing and media devices, this set represents advertising concepts effectively.

Social Networks

400 Free Icons - Social Networks

Social media is important, and having the icons to represent the different networks out there will help promote your online presence to new visitors. These are especially useful for your websites.

Technology & Hardware

400 Free Icons -  Tech & Hardware

Need icons to represent different devices? These icons depict different devices for different types of uses. From microphones to cameras and mobile devices, this set clearly represents them all.

This exclusive set of free icons will give you plenty to work with for a variety of different projects. You’ll receive all icons bundles in SVG and PNG formats for your convenience. To download, click the link below and they’ll be sent directly to you email inbox.

Click Here to Download

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