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Some of you may know, and some of you may not, that WordPress was hacked Friday morning. Much to my dismay, my site works with WordPress to post my articles, plus the widgets are neat and handy, since I am not so much a developer/ programmer as I am a designer, and they really add nice functionality to my site. The problem is that now, pieces of my site are gone, and I am going to have to revamp and relink everything to get it to work properly. I want to keep posting content for my daily readers, who I much appreciate, but if you want to read my other articles, you may have to wait a couple of days. The entire site-wide links are all broken. Please be patient while I go back and fix all of this. I am leaving the site up so that you can read my new content, and if you come to my site and nothing is there, you might have to come back later, because I will probably take it all down at one point.
Now here comes the part where i am really steamed. What do these hackers get out of this? These people are really the worst kind of scum. What do they accomplish? Nothing. Not a damn thing. All they do is ruin my site, sully my good name, and install viruses on my readers computers. That is all fixed now, as far as the viruses being gone, but still… they simply want to spread misery? What an absurd way to live, and I urge all who have a WordPress account, if they can trace who did this, to press charges against this person or group. People like this need to be made an example of. Not only did they vandalize and nearly destroy our property, but they are guilty of defamation of character as well, because those bastards put a trojan on our sites, so that when people came to visit us, they think our site is a malicious site. I would be surprised if a quarter of my readers even came back. They probably have no idea that WordPress was even hacked, I know that I didn’t. This means that they think that I am some sort of low-brow, evil character, when I am simply a graphic designer that genuinely wants to help other designers and network with them, and grow my business, but those hackers have put that in jeopardy. We each individually, and together, need to prosecute and sue these people and make it so that they are paying us for the rest of their lives. I have thousands of people each day that come to my site. Each one of them could be a potential client, or could be a potential new business partner.
There has to be something that we can all do to stop this type of behavior. These people need to be stopped, need to be made an example of, and they also need to pay for what they have done. I hate the idea that someone would harm my personal property. I have poured myself, my spare time, and part of my soul into this blog to try and make it a special place for people to go. Some really like it, others say that it isn’t for them, but if I can help one person, just one, then that means the world to me. If occasionally I get a new client from it, then that is fantastic, but if not, then that is okay too. I would like to know if anyone has any information about the hackers, if they have found out who did it, or now any details. Please keep you ear to the ground for me and if you hear anything significant, email me via the contact form. Thank you all and I do hope that you come back to my site. Oh, and please, mind the mess while I pick up the pieces. Cheers!