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What I have realized from being an artist for years is that we all have a different ways of doing things when it comes to creating our artwork. Some of us like to do a mainly traditional route and sketch everything out. Some people like to take a bunch of photographs and compile them, or surf the internet and compile many photos of the subject that they are working on. From those pictures, they compose a general idea or consistent look to their artwork.

Many designers do hours, sometimes days of research before they even put pencil to paper. They research the history of their subject, evaluate market research of the competition, analyze data, conduct focus groups, etc. When it comes time to sketch out ideas, many designers do dozens, if not hundreds of thumbnails. Many designers go off of what their client has in mind or what they envisioned. Some truly great designers are sought after for their style, and the client wants them to make their own creative mark regarding their design work.

What I wanted to do was to hear about everyones’ different workflows regarding their design or artwork. Also, I would like to hear from photographers about where they come up with their ideas for shots. I am not a photographer by any means, and I am curious to see if they keep a sketch or idea book with their ideas regarding commercial photo shoots, and for fine art photographers, I would like to know where they get their inspiration and ideas.

When I do my design work, I like to take what the client needs, and try to put a truly creative and interesting spin on it. Depending on the client and their budget, sometimes I will sit down for hours sketching out thumbnails and ideas until i have that moment of epiphany, where the truly marketable solution shines through. Sometimes I sketch on my Wacom Tablet, and sometimes when I want to play with colors, I will use watercolor pencils to play with the interaction of colors. These methods are not an every case scenario, but it is when I do these types of things that my truly good ideas and best design work comes through. I encourage you to try different creative methods, because sometimes it takes looking at something in a different way to be able to create something truly different. What are your artistic methods?