The Photoshop Work of Norman Soo Part 2

If you ever decide to stop and check out some incredible Photoshop work, I hope you take the time to look at the good stuff. Honestly, there’s nothing more free and expressive that I’ve seen, than the work of Norman Soo. I came across his work a while back, and I’ve seen him crank out piece after piece in amazement. Norman’s Photoshop work has blown me away, and I’m willing to bet my Wacom Tablet that it’ll blow you away, too. Grab a cup of coffee this morning, sit back and prepare to catch your jaw when you see some of these awesome Photoshop paintings.

sea-turtle-low-view Photoshop work boat-water Photoshop work drain-bird buck astronaut polar-bear-northern-lights cat-looking bird-berry leopards woman-portait fox-at-rest woman-headwrap tucan woman-dove tiger-sun exotic-dress ancient soldier monkey-baby heroin dirty-hairy monkey ballerina pig-vader kitty-hiding-snow short-hair-colorful elegant-beauty starwars-butt-gown puppy-christmas classic-beauty long-haired-beauty bird-flowers beautiful-woman roman mozart-bust woman-gun old-car wolf-field cute owl cat snow waves impressionist woman-ring beach knight-horse soldier-portrait woman flower hat legolas pulp fiction woman resting baby seaturtle cat eyes closeup woman-bw hunger-games horse-lighting aragorn elven fluffy-cat-sunlight duck snow-bird snow-tiger sunrays owl-porcupine man-lighter fox-snow space-whale boat woman-cat retro glasses skulls cat-glass batdog

If all of that didn’t blow you away, I don’t now what will. Normans ability to render light and shadow is excellent. The wide range of work he produces is stunning, too. He can create photo realistic work, but he can also step outside of the box and produce caricatures and fantasy work, too.

If you want to stay updated with Norman’s work, you should check out his Facebook page and his DeviantArt page, too. He updates his work on a daily basis, so you’ll always see something amazing. In an interview, Norman said that he sticks to simple brushes in Photoshop. He does all of his work with a basic Photoshop brush. He doesn’t use any of the fancy ones, since his work is more about technique and less about tools.

Which example of his Photoshop work is your favorite? I really like the horse with the amazing lighting, but I also love the Hunger Games image, too. With a lot of regular practice and a Wacom tablet, you can create work like this, too. It’s important to learn how light and shadow interact to make objects take shape.

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