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Free Vintage Vector Emblems

There’s just something about the nostalgia of vintage that just seems to grab our attention. Our day is the era of modernization and simplification, so a vintage design really seems to stand out. Vintage design isn’t bad design, it’s just different. This week’s free vectors are a few sets of free vintage vector emblems. These vintage vector emblems can be used for signs, logos, or t-shirts, or you could use them to inspire an entire vintage-based design. You can download these awesome vintage vectors and use them for free in your design work. You can preview these free vintage vector emblems below.

vintage vector emblems: vintage labels

The appeal with this set are the different shapes and arrangements for these emblems. The slightly distressed look works well with these emblems, as you can see in the bottom right design.


vintage vector emblems: Retro badges

These emblems are simple, but they still have a certain style that is just really appealing. My favorite from this set is the diagonal ribbon in the bottom right. I also like the unique shape of the one on the bottom left.


vintage vector emblems: retro labels

These emblems are also simple, but I love the character that these have. With thin lines and delicate shapes, they have a certain chic quality that is appealing.


vintage vector emblems: weddings

With a simple and classic style, these emblems are clean and sophisticated. The border works well with the design, and the vertical stripes adds a little interest to the set.


vintage vector emblems

Highly sophisticated and elegant, this set would look great in any high-end design. It is classy and you immediately think of the wealth and power. The interesting part is that this is the simplest set of all.


Conclusion: Free Vintage Vector Emblems

Which one of these emblem sets are your favorite? You can use these is a wide variety of projects, and they all look great. They are free to use in personal and commercial projects, just not for repackaging or resale.