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Infusion Free Html5 Template

by | May 28, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

Infusion Free Html5 Template

I like when developers create a website and only make it one page. I think of a website template as a way to get a jumpstart on the idea of a project, not necessarily a way to cheat or cut corners in the development process. When a developer creates a template that s one page, they give you an idea of what could be a great site, and then you take the reins and flesh out the rest of the project. This week’s free template is a one page template that would be a great start to any web development project. it’s called the Infusion Free Html5 Template, by Peter Finlan. The Infusion Free Html5 Template was created using Bootstrap, and is a clean, smooth website template that would be great for a variety of projects. you can preview the Infusion Free Html5 Template below.


Infusion Free Html5 Template 1

The large image and call to action immediate gets your attention and draws you into the rest of the site. I like the simple navigation menu at the top of the screen.

Infusion Free Html5 Template 2

The next section is great for providing information about your team. This could lead to their personal portfolios, or to their own articles. I like the subtle outline around the portrait and the section itself.Infusion Free Html5 Template 3

This is a simple example of information and 2 buttons that you might have set up for choosing an option. Infusion Free Html5 Template 4

The articles section is a grid of square images that link to the individual article. If you were to turn this into an article site, such as a WordPress theme, I would have the title show up on hover, using CSS.Infusion Free Html5 Template 5

This is a sample section with a sliding gallery. below, you can see what a sample testimonials section and a footer would look like. Notice the different column widths. This is the power of the awesome Bootstrap structure.  Infusion Free Html5 Template 6

Download the Infusion Free Html5 Template

Infusion is free to download and use in your projects. Built with Bootstrap, it’s responsive, and it looks great. To preview Infusion r to download the template, click the links below.

Preview | Download

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