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apps via WordPress

Creating Apps Via WordPress

Serving as one of the highly applauded content management systems, WordPress has also emerged as an easy and budget-friendly option for building excellent applications. Backed by a rich collection of plugins and services, WordPress proudly serves as the foundation for web and mobile applications. Today, in this blog, I’ll be throwing some light on key aspects that are associated with app development using WordPress. If you’ve been using WordPress for powering your website then you’ll definitely love indulging in creating efficient mobile/web apps using the very cool and trendy WordPress.

  1. Database management isn’t an issue with WordPress

The flexible architecture of WordPress makes way for creation and management of database. As a WordPress developer, you can easily tweak the basic WP architecture with the help of easy-to-use plugins including Easy Content Types, Toolset, Advanced Custom Fields and many more.

  1. Hassle-free content management is possible with WordPress

The decision to provide users an access to the application’s database purely depends on the sole purpose, the app has been designed for. However, in order to ensure a more “app-like’ experience for your app users, I recommend you maintaining all the user input as a crucial component of front-end experience. Fortunately, WordPress comes with several forms that can allow app users to update the database via the front-end itself. There are multiple WordPress plugins that render you flexibility of adding such forms. Some of the most popular ones include: Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms.

  1. Rich APIs available in WordPress add perfection to app development

There’s a lot more to app development than plain management of app users and sessions. You need to be thoroughly competent in introducing innovative functionality that would suite specific situations ranging from saving custom information in the form of posts, pages etc. to a refined method of collaborating data and models(for eg: tags, think categories etc). Loaded with rich and thoroughly extensive APIs, WordPress allows you to shift your focus from traditional app building process to a more contemporary strategy of developing high-performing applications. For instance, as an app developer, you can think all the native pages, posts and custom post types as models. That means, a model for a particular post would comprise of attributes of content, title and date of publication.

  1. WordPress’ UI Frameworks serve as great add-ons

Some of the best known UI frameworks available for WordPress include Foundation, Bootstrap, Gumby and Bourbon. One of the greatest advantages of using a UI framework is that it cuts down a lot of development time, especially during the early stages. All these UI frameworks come loaded with pre-built CSS that has been generated using SASS or LESS. If you’re about to develop your app using WordPress then you can use any of these popular UI frameworks in combination with useful JavaScript plugin, thereby gaining a complete access to the best set of UI tools. Offering you an opportunity of tapping into the commonly used design patterns for building user interfaces, a UI framework can help you with a lot more.

  1. App Deployment and Hosting is not something to worry about, with WordPress

Developing a web or mobile application using WordPress is perhaps the best decision you can take as an app developer. The reason being very simple. With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about the timely and efficient deployment of the created application. Moreover, with plenty of hosting solutions available with WordPress, you can save yourself from a lot of headache associated with searching for a host that is scalable and includes SSH access. There are multiple options for both, managed hosting as well as cloud hosting. While a popular managed WordPress host is WP Engine or, highly recommended names in the world of WordPress cloud hosting include Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services and many more.

Wrapping it all up

After having matured from a mere blogging platform to a full-fledged content management system, WordPress is all set to woo the professionals who are engaged in developing applications for web and mobile devices. So, if you’re confused about choosing the right tool for developing visually and functionally rich apps then don’t wait any further in hopping onto WordPress. I guarantee! You’ll be able see the results instantly.

Author Signature: Addison Cohen is an application developer for Appsted Ltd, a mobile application development company. He loves sharing latest information on the mobile technology.