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Monstroid Is Here

I always have my ear to the ground concerning new WordPress themes. If you’ve seen some of the themes I have, you’ll agree there’s a lot of crap out there. Poorly coded, messy themes with features that break litter the internet. There are a few shining lights out there for great WordPress themes that offer a lot of flexibility. Divi, By Elegant Themes, the X Theme, the Be Theme, and now a new theme aims to be added to the list of versatile themes. It’s called Monstroid and it’s by TemplateMonster. I had a look at it’s features, and Monstroid looks to provide features not offered by other theme makers.

Child Themes

One thing that’s tough about a specialized theme is updates, but with child themes, you can get the look you want, without worry of updates ruining everything. Monstroid uses child themes, and you get 15 to start with, and you’ll receive new ones on a regular basis.

monstroid editor

MotoPress Editor

You get the MotoPress drag and drop page builder. You’ll be able to build your own pages using a drag and drop interface. You can create just about any layout you can think of.


15 Premium Plugins Included

I’m not big on throwing a bunch of plugins into a theme, because it can slow it down. However, if they are light enough, without creating a bunch of server requests, then a couple won’t hurt too bad. Here’s a list of the plugins included:

  • Monstroid Skin switcher
  • Monstroid Wizard
  • MotoPress Slider
  • Cherry Data Manager
  • Cherry Team
  • Cherry Services
  • Cherry Portfolio
  • Cherry Shortcodes
  • Cherry Testimonials
  • Cherry Blog Layouts
  • Cherry Custom Sidebars
  • Cherry Simple Slider
  • Cherry Grid
  • Cherry Charts
  • Cherry Social
  • Cherry Mega Menu
  • Cherry Shortcodes Templater
  • Cherry Ranking
  • Cherry Plugins Manager
  • MotoPress Editor
  • Mailchimp for WP
  • YITH Woocommerce Compare
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

It’s apparent that Monstroid relies heavily on Cherry framework items. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it’s used in a lot of WordPress themes.


Lifetime Updates

That’s right! You buy it once and you get lifetime updates. You’ll also get child themes each month, too.

Free Graphics

There are free stock images and graphics included, giving you a professional appearance.

Photoshop Files Included

You’ll get 60+ Photoshop files to give your site just the look you want.


Advanced Features Are Available

There’s a static area builder, for adding static areas of a website. There are also independent modules, a shortcode templater and the ability to use LESS.


WooCommerce Ready

Build your own store, complete with a customized look and layout that you create using the page builder.

Multilanguage Ready

Need to translate your site into multiple languages? Monstroid is WPML ready.


Support is one of the most important aspects of a great WordPress theme. If you need help, you have to have great support. You’ll have access to all of the help you need with Monstroid.


Overall, I think Monstroid looks promising. With a library of plugins, a pagebuilder, support, and a myriad of tools, Monstroid has a lot of offer developers. To check out Monstroid, click the link below to see a demo and to download it.

Check Out Monstroid