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Web Design & Graphic Design Resources

We’re always on the lookout for new freebies and useful web and graphic design resources on the web. They are abundant, and there’s new stuff popping up everyday. Keeping up with it can be a chore, but I put together this collection to save you time. You’ll want to check out and try out these different resources for your design projects. You never know what you’ll find in one of these posts that can save you time and money. Let’s take a look at this collection of web & graphic design resources for January 2015.



This is an awesome UI Kit based on Bootstrap. it’s flat, and it looks incredible.

Download Bootflat

Dashboard UI



Icono: Pure CSS Icons

Icono Pure CSS icons

This is really cool! It’s a set of icons built from pure CSS.

Download Icono

Blurred Backgrounds



Low Poly Background





Sitedrop is a cool way to come together on projects via your desktop. Members can comment and favorite the things they like, which is great for feedback.

See SiteDrop

Clippy: A CSS Clipping Path Maker


Remember those clipping paths you love from Photoshop? Well now you can create them in your browser with CSS! It’s not supported by all browsers yet, but it’s still cool to try out.

See Clippy

Typography Inspiration 1-5

Want some great typography inspiration? If you want to see some amazing examples of professional typography, you’ll love this series. Below, you’ll find the links to 1-5. You won’t be disappointed!

Type Inspiration 1

Type Inspiration 2

Type Inspiration 3

Type Inspiration 4

Type Inspiration 5



Niice is a great way to create your own mood boards for projects, collaborate as a team, and really collect the things that are relevant to a project.

Visit Niice



Brackets is Adobe’s newest web design tool. Use it to code your sites like any other text editor. Where it stands out is the ability to extract from a Psd file to create a site.

Try Brackets

70 Free Octicons (Ai + PNG + SVG)


If you’re looking for a unique set of vector icons, you’ll want to check out this set of 70 octicons. Each one is saved as a separate PNG and SVG file.

Download Octicons

A4 Brochure Mockup


This is a beautiful and elegant brochure mockup for your next project. It is simple, clean, and has a nice presentation.


Snowflake UI Kit

snowflake-UI-Kit Graphic Design Resources

A gorgeous and stunning UI kit with a great use of color. You’ll really love this concept and design.

Download Snowflake UI

A4 Brochure Psd

brochure-2 Graphic Design Resources

This is a really nice free brochure template in Psd format.

Download A4

Pull Menu Concept


I’m a fan of stuff that’s just cool. The pull menu scrolls through the menu items and you pull the menu further down the screen. What a cool idea!

See it live

Free Snowflake Photoshop Brushes


This is a set of 10 free snowflake Photoshop brushes that you can download and use to create your own custom winter backgrounds. These snowflake brushes are high resolution, coming in at around 2500 pixels in size.

Download Snowflake Brushes

100 Free Line Icons


You’ll love these simple icons. They are available in Ai and Psd format.


SVG Loaders


This is a great set of animated SVG icons for loading screens. If something has to load, why not do it in style? It’s a cool concept and they look great.

See the Demo

Web Design Resources

web design resources

Have a cool idea, free graphics or a neat project? Show off your work for free. Simply link back to your project, and designers & developers will be checking it out in no time. If you’re looking for free stuff, view the gallery pick up some cool stuff.

Download Free Stuff

Subtle Patterns

subtle patterns

Easily one of my favorite resources for adding lightweight textures to my websites. I absolutely love this site, and find it extremely useful. Not only can you download a simple, small PNG file, they provide the 2x version for Retina Displays, too.

See these patterns


I hope your discovered some graphic design resources you could really use this month. There’s so much stuff available, that it’s easy to miss something that could really help on a tough project. Which one of these web and graphic design resources is your favorite? Do you know of a great resource that I didn’t mention here? Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.