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News: Two New Products to Check Out From Red Giant Software

by | Apr 5, 2010 | Articles | 1 comment

Magic Bullet PhotoLooks

This Software looks spectacular! The cool part I like about this software is that you can use it as a plug-in inside of Photoshop, or you can use it as a standalone version to save on memory. This software isn’t just a set of plug-ins- you can customize each one to suit your needs. With this software you have the power to adjust the lighting with ease. If you do a lot of image editing, this product is a must have. You can watch a tutorial on the software, or download a free trial. Learn more here.

Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop

John Knoll, co-creator of Photoshop, created this plug in to mimic realistic lighting reflections seen through a camera lens. It has over 100 presets, and 19 different flare tools to create custom effects. This plug-in helps you to create some really interesting and realistic lighting effects, that would take a lot of time from scratch inside of Photoshop. What a time saver! For more info, click here.

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