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11 Quality Fonts to Use in Your Professional Design Work

by | Apr 5, 2010 | Articles, Inspiration, Typography | 4 comments

11 Quality Fonts to Use in Your Professional Design Work

Quality fonts make your work look much better than using free novelty fonts. Granted, there are some really well-crafted fonts out there for free now. However, if you are looking for high quality fonts for your designs, I have compiled a list below. These quality fonts will make your design work elegant and beautiful. Your type will be easy to read and sophisticated. The right typeface must complement your design.


Meta is a beautifully designed font by Erik Spiekermann. Elegant and classy.


Adrian Frutiger is one of the most renowned typeface designers. His quality fonts will make your work look clean and crisp.

Franklin Gothic (The Demi version is displayed).


Avenir( 85 Heavy is shown)

Akzidenz Grotesk

A favorite by many designers Akzidenz will really make your work look professional. Some people use this typeface for most of their applications.


A distinct slab-serif typeface that is beautiful and easy to read. You will notice Rockwell from far away with its unique look.

Sabon (Bold Shown)

Trade Gothic



These quality fonts will make any design better. Instead of using a typical typeface such as Times, or Arial, try one of these typefaces in its place.

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